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15 convenient functions of iPad that do not heat up the device

Always ahead and leading in technology trends, users have never had to feel disappointed in the functions that Apple’s iPad can bring. Let’s find out some great features of the iPad in the following sharing!

1. Free calling function on iPad

Listening to free calls has been an iPad function that has appeared for a long time on iPad lines, but recently, technology giant Apple has announced a number of new features that have been improved from the old iPad lines. These newly added features were highly appreciated by fans and experts right at Apple’s launch event in 2018.

The functions of iPad group calling on Facetime have a very unique interactive interface with continuously moving squares that can help you interact with each person in each corresponding box. Besides, Facetime has integrated a number of features such as Animoji or Memoji to make your calls more interesting.

2. Siri virtual assistant makes iPad smarter

Siri – the iPad feature on iOS devices has always been known to users as the famous assistant of Apple – Apple. This versatile girl can do a lot of other things, not just finding information according to the needs of the user.

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When you use it for the first time, you will find it difficult, but if you use it for a long time, you will find it quite useful. In addition to the usual manual search operations, you can use siri to do all kinds of operations on your iPhone or iPad device.

3. Huge, high-quality app store in the Apple Store

Apple has created a huge app store for integrating iOS products called Apple App Store, where iPad users can select and install a large number of apps according to their usage desires. However, not all installed apps bring satisfaction to users.

Therefore, before installing and using an application, you can consult the information and user reviews of that application in advance. Since then, the process of experiencing the application in this product store can be experienced in the best way.

4. Keyboard connection allows professional text editing

To make your word processing fast and efficient, Apple has recently integrated a super handy iPad feature for users who like compactness and convenience.

It is now possible to enter your text not only on your laptop, but also on the iPad screen with the keyboard, which is very inconvenient. You can connect your iPad to a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth for quick data entry.

Now your iPad will be indistinguishable from a laptop, but the convenience is much more prominent.

5. Micro Office on iPAd

Currently, office computing is an indispensable tool as most companies, businesses and commuters must use this application. Understanding its importance, in its app store, Apple cannot be absent from Microsoft Office – Office Informatics application.

This is a set of Apple tablet applications for the office, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other applications for editing documents, calculating data and creating presentation content.

With this set of applications, it can help you work better and more professionally, as it is equipped with many features to handle many different file formats without problems.

6. Quickly scan documents on the iPad

Currently, most types of documents are saved in PDF format and stored in the data cloud so that users can access them from anywhere.

Due to the convenience of cloud computing technology, Apple has also launched a document scanning application – suitable for office work – that allows the iPhone camera to access the application, scan the document and then save it. into a PDF file, which can then be uploaded to the cloud or saved to a computer. All documents, invoices, formulas, and paper files can be scanned and processed automatically. The advanced image processing technology will ensure that your images are captured in the clearest and most readable way possible. This application is very useful because it integrates a lot of editing tools to make your scanning process the most convenient. You can also upload your scanned files to cloud storage, fax or backup, and share them via iTunes or Wi-Fi.7. Measure objects accurately with iPAd (IOS 12) Recently, Apple launched an AR virtual reality app called Measure. It features measurements of real-world objects in terms of size and length onto the iPad. This product is also very easy to use. Simply move your iPad around the area you want to measure. after a while, the Machine app will analyze the scene and return the most accurate expected result. 8. Split screen running 2 apps side by side When you use the split screen view – a very useful iPad feature – you can interact with the left or right part, move it 4 directions and keep better track of the information through it. Increase productivity.

9. Drag and drop images, files between apps

With the special features of iPad 2018, you can easily drag and drop any photo you want to edit into the folder of the app and edit the desired effect.

When dragging and dropping in split screen or glide through mode, you can make the most of your drag-and-drop capabilities. You can use this feature in addition to files, photos, URL links or application news.

10. Make a second screen

Now, when you’re in an app, you can open the multitasking screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, by opening the Dock instead of the Control Center like before.

To use it, drag it from the Dock to the screen, then release your finger and it will float above the app you have open, like the small interface on the iPhone.

11. Make a magnifying glass

Instead of using a magnifying glass to examine small objects, you can now do this easily with the Apple iPad. With this app, the size of the object can be increased several times so you can see it more clearly.

12. Night Shift Mode for Night Reading (IOS 9)

For those of you who often use your smartphone at night or in low light places, you should turn on this mode to protect your eyes. This tool helps reduce the amount of blue light that enters your eyes, which can have a detrimental effect on your health and sleep. It also helps you avoid eye strain and blurred eyes.

13. Take pictures and take notes faster with sticky note apps

With the Sticky Notes and Notes app, you can take pictures of what you need to remember and save notes to remember for longer using the Apple Pencil. You can use it by tapping the lock screen of your iPad tablet, which automatically goes to and opens Notes in Instant Notes mode for you to take notes. Notes do not need to be fully unlocked on iPad.

14. Share data quickly between devices

In addition to syncing data on iCloud, which is still available for the popular Apple product line so far, you can also share data quickly between devices via iTunes.

15. The Files app (IOS 11) makes file management as easy as it is on your computer

Apple’s Files is a pretty good app for you to try out, it lets you save and sort your data so that you can easily and conveniently manage and find your files.

With the article on Websosanh, hopefully it will help you learn more about the 15 features of the iPad so you can optimize the use of this smart device. To learn more, you can visit and refer to the information on iPads being sold on Websosanh. We hope you can make an informed and suitable choice for you.


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