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5 differences between Bluetooth and Wireless headphones

The difference between Bluetooth and Wireless headsets is not well understood even though we really talk about them a lot nowadays. Many people still mistakenly think these two types of headphones are the same, because they are all wireless headphones.

But in reality, Bluetooth and Wireless headphones are not the same. All Bluetooth headsets are considered Wireless headphones, but conversely not all Wireless headsets are Bluetooth headphones.

In this article, we will clarify together how these two types of headphones are different. From there, help you orientate to choose a more suitable product line.

Let’s start!
The difference between Bluetooth and Wireless headphones Before we go into details, I would like to summarize the main differences between these two types of headphones. While Bluetooth headsets use radio waves to transmit audio signals, Wireless headphones use both radio and infrared waves to transmit and receive audio signals. On the other hand, Bluetooth headsets have a connection range of about 9 meters. Meanwhile, with Wireless headphones, their range of use is approximately 90 meters, 10 times that of Bluetooth headphones. Both types of headphones give lower sound quality than wired headphones. However, Bluetooth headsets are compatible with more devices than Wireless headphones. Some Wireless headsets are only compatible with each device from the same manufacturer. Bluetooth headsets are easier to use than Wireless headphones and fall under a subcategory of Wireless headphones. There is another category of Wireless headsets that use 2.4Ghz radio signals, often used by gamers.

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Compare Bluetooth and Wireless headphones

Below is a summary table comparing overview of two popular types of headphones today.

Comparison Criteria Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset

Technology Using radio waves to transmit and receive audio signals Using radio and infrared waves to receive audio signals

Operating range 7 to 9 meters Approx. 90 meters

Sound quality Audio transmission rate has a delay. The sound quality has been greatly improved Like a Bluetooth headset. The sound quality of wireless headphones is similar

Compatibility Can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device Only connects to devices such as PCs, game consoles, or a small number of phones

Convenience Very handy A bit inconvenient, because you have to use a USB adapter to connect

Technology used

The most obvious difference between the two types of Bluetooth and Wireless headphones is the technology side.

If Bluetooth headsets only use radio waves to connect to devices, Wireless headphones also use infrared waves. This infrared wave works like a TV remote, with the signal transmitted to the headphones as the basic units, which are then translated into sound

Bluetooth headsets connect directly to any device via Bluetooth. In contrast, Wireless headphones often receive signals from connecting to PC devices, game consoles, speakers or smartphones.

In addition, Wireless headphones often use batteries as the active source. They can be charged or replaced fairly easily.

Connection range

This feature differs from the technology that the two types of headphones use.

With Bluetooth headsets, the connection range is usually 7 to 9 meters. However, with Wireless headphones, that distance is up to 90 meters, 10 times farther than Bluetooth headsets.

But now, Bluetooth technology has many great improvements to increase the speed and distance of signal reception. Typically Bluetooth 5.0, they help increase the connection distance up to 200 meters if there are no obstacles and 40 meters indoors.

Sound quality

This is the similarity between the two types of headphones. Their quality is similar and obviously not as good as wired headphones.

The reason is why?

With a wired headset, the audio signal is transmitted directly from the device to the headset without any processing. As for wireless headphones or two types of Bluetooth and Wireless headphones, the audio signal is usually compressed and then transferred to the headset. Thus, reducing their sound quality.

The reason that providers have to compress audio is because of the signal transmission speed, the purpose is to reduce latency when using wireless headphones to watch videos.

However, now that the manufacturers of wireless headphones, they add to the headset an encoder, ie a codec pack to convert the previously compressed audio signal into high quality sound.
Compatibility with devices

This is a plus point for Bluetooth headphones, they completely prevail over Wireless headphones. When most Bluetooth headsets on the market are compatible with all devices equipped with Bluetooth technology, regardless of which brand or model it is.

In contrast, Wireless headphones are usually only compatible with connected devices of the same manufacturer.

Simplicity and ease of use

Bluetooth headsets are very simple to use and much more convenient when compared to Wireless headsets.

With Bluetooth headsets, they have a chip built into the headset, and connecting to other devices takes seconds. In contrast, Wireless headphones usually have to connect the USB adapter to another device, then the headset can connect to the device for you to use.

One thing that I find most inconvenient with Wireless headphones is the storage of the USB adapter. If they are lost, then we will almost not be able to use the headset.

Should you choose a Bluetooth or Wireless headset?

Based on all the different points of Bluetooth and Wireless headsets. You should choose a Bluetooth headset to use.

Bluetooth headsets are suitable for most audiences, thanks to their simplicity and ease of use. Best suitable for Bluetooth headset if you are an activity person, like traveling, gym, jogging, etc.

But before choosing to buy a Bluetooth headset, you should refer to the article “7 types of Bluetooth headphones today” to make the right choice.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Wireless headphones. This headset also has its own advantages, so Wireless headsets are used a lot for gamers or at call centers and switchboards.


At this point, I think you have figured out which type of headset is the most suitable.

If you choose a Bluetooth headset, then feel free to choose, there will be no need to worry about connection, compatibility or not.

And if you choose a Wireless headset, I advise you to learn carefully before buying. You have to make sure they are suitable for the device you use or not, and how much they cost, because usually Wireless headsets are quite expensive.

What kind of headphones do you use? Bluetooth or Wireless? Please share for everyone’s reference!


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