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Coway 4 core water purifier CHP-260L

Coming from the famous Korean brand – Coway, the CHP-260L water purifier you are following possesses a delicate and compact design. The product offers three different hot / cold water modes and has a convenient 5.8-liter tank capacity. The 5-step water purification process with 4 filters will help you completely remove all harmful agents to return completely pure drinking water.

Exquisite appearance with compact size

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Measuring only 26 cm, the Coway CHP-260L water purifier won’t take up much space in your living space. The product comes in a white color and has two modern push-button faucets. The hot/cold water column is displayed with two corresponding red/green LED strips, making it easy to monitor the amount of water in the tank. The product has a youthful design, which is the leading edge of the Korean manufacturer.

Filter out 99.99% of harmful factors in water

With a 5-step filtration mechanism corresponding to 4 different filter elements, the Kauai CHP-260L demonstrates that it will fully satisfy your need for clean and safe drinking water. These include.

Neo-Sense Core. Responsible for removing any coarse impurities, floating water residues and chlorine used by water plants for disinfection.

RO Core: Helps filter out very small impurities while retaining the bacteria and microorganisms floating in the water.

Core plus Inno – Sense. this step will filter out odors and add more flavor to the water.

Antibacterial Core. Guaranteed to kill bacteria in the container and keep it clean when poured into the cup for use

Hot/cold drinking water according to preference

As mentioned above, the Coway CHP-260L not only filters water, but also acts as a water heater, offering two different temperatures, both hot and cold. If not satisfied with these two default temperatures, the owner of the water purifier can use the two levers corresponding to the red light (hot water) and green light (cold water) above to make the water just the right temperature.

Hot/cold drinking water according to preference1

Easy access to water, hot water faucet with safety lock

Coway CHP-260L water purifier supports you to get water by simply pressing the cup on the lever. When you have enough water needed, you take out the cup and an automatic mechanism locks the faucet to prevent loss.Coway has equipped the hot water faucet with a safety lock that allows you to take water at the push of a button to avoid endangering children if the lever is accidentally activated. For cold water, you can also lock it with a dial at the top if you wish.

Many effective power saving mechanisms

The Kauai CHP-260L will help you save more power than other water purifiers with similar features through the Korean manufacturer’s modern technology. In particular, the light sensor will automatically adjust the brightness of the LED according to the surrounding environment to limit glare and avoid unnecessary power consumption. In addition, users can easily turn off the heat/cool mode via a button-activated power-saving mode when not in use.

Many effective power saving mechanisms

Water resistant and easy to clean

The Coway CHP-260L’s push-button faucet can be removed after a period of use for easy and regular cleaning. In addition, under the faucet, Coway has arranged an extra tray to collect excess water to prevent water from dripping onto the floor and causing slippery and laborious cleaning. You can put a cup on this tray so that everyone in the family can easily access drinking water when needed.


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