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Detailed evaluation of Coway 5 core water purifier CHP-671R

The standard of modern lifestyle calls the Coway CHP-671R. The water purifier you are following is manufactured with Korean technology. The product has a very youthful and stylish design, has a high-class filter system that eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria, and provides different hot / cold water modes to serve the process of living. in the family.

Light up your modern living space

Nơi bán Máy lọc nước nóng lạnh Coway CHP-671R giá rẻ nhất tháng 05/2022

The Coway CHP-671R water purifier has an overall dimension of 49 x 37 x 125.7 cm and has a neat rectangular cylindrical structure. Whether placed in the living room, dining room, kitchen or office, the product easily attracts attention thanks to its modern design and youthful style. coway’s use of a neutral color scheme allows the product to easily blend in with different interior spaces and enhances the aesthetic taste of the room owner.

Serving multiple people with a 21-liter filtration capacity

For the Coway CHP-671R water purifier, Coway engineers aimed to make a product that could meet the drinking water needs of a large office or large family. Therefore, the company equipped the product with a large 21-liter tank with a 14-inch filter that can filter up to 10-15 liters per hour, ensuring that everyone’s water needs are met.

Hot and cold water on demand

In addition to its mechanism for purifying water and removing 99.99% of bacteria, the Coway CHP-671R has demonstrated its ability to serve effectively when providing drinking water at three temperature levels Hot – Cold – Normal. The product’s faucet is designed with a protective lock when using hot water and a knob to select cold/normal water. In just a few simple steps, you can instantly have a glass of fresh water at the desired temperature.

LED indicator for hot/cold water level

To help users easily monitor the hot and cold water levels in the Coway CHP-671R tank, the manufacturer has equipped each faucet with two relatively modern LED strips. The water level inside will display an estimated value on the LED strips, so users can get a handle on it with just a glance. From there, you can easily balance the need for use so that everyone gets enough drinking water.

Avoid dripping with the extra water tray

Just below the faucet and intake space, the Coway CHP-671R is equipped with an extra tray for excess water. This device is designed to catch water drips while in use to avoid wetting the floor and causing unnecessary trouble during operation. In addition, you can place the cup directly on the tray for added convenience when you want to use it. This tray can be easily removed whenever you want to pour out excess water or wash it regularly after a certain period of time.

5 filtration steps and 5 international standard filter elements

For each filtration step, the Coway CHP-671R uses the appropriate filter to enhance the product’s optimal water filtration capabilities, ensuring the removal of up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria floating in the water.

Step 1: Core Plus-Sediment helps filter out dirt, coarse impurities and makes the water cleaner.

Step 2: The pre-carbon core will remove chlorine used in water plants and then separate out harmful organic materials from the water.

Step 3: The RO core removes small impurities and bacteria.

Step 4: The addition of the Inno – Sense core helps filter out all strange odors from the water while adding beneficial minerals that increase the taste when drinking.

Step 5: The Antimicrobial Core will kill all bacteria in the container after filtration, giving the user 100% assurance of their drinking water source.


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