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Kangaroo KG100EED IOT 5 core water purifier is the smartest and most modern water purifier on the market today. Kangaroo not only introduces advanced Hydrogen water purification technology equipment with an effective cast core set, but also integrates IoT technology products to help users manage remotely, bringing convenience to all Vietnamese families.

Smart and modern design

Right from the outside design, Kangaroo KG100EED IOT has shown modernity and elegant beauty. The product uses a white frame with a delicate concentric circle pattern. The manufacturer has followed a minimalist style to help the product fit into many different interior spaces. Owners of the KG100EED IOT can place the device in the kitchen for cooking, the living room to provide domestic water or in the office to be proactive about drinking water for everyone.

Máy lọc nước RO hydrogen ion kiềm Kangaroo KG100EED 5 lõi - giá rẻ

Using a single piece casting core

The Kangaroo KG100EED IOT is very compact, with a body measuring 40 cm high, 27 cm wide and 43 cm deep, making it smaller than most benchtop water filters on the market. However, it still ensures the most effective water filtration thanks to the ergonomic molded core and streamlined mechanism. KG100EED IOT’s molded core is tightly constructed to prevent bacteria from entering the environment and adversely affecting water quality, yet flexible enough to be easily disassembled.

Exclusive application of water electrolysis technology

With its leading experience in water purification in Vietnam, Kangaroo has successfully developed RO water electrolysis technology and obtained exclusive certification in our country.The advantage of RO water electrolysis technology is that it helps provide hydrogen rich water that is good for our health and records many benefits to the body.

Control by touch operation

The control panel of Kangaroo KG100EED IOT water purifier features a modern one-touch mechanism. You don’t need to press a button, just a touch and you have water ready for use quickly. This advantage not only makes operation easier, but also contributes to a more elegant design of the device with the elimination of most physical buttons.

Connects directly to your smartphone

From the name, Kangaroo KG100EED IoT has shown its intelligence when it can connect to the Internet and store operational data throughout its operation. In addition, you can control and dictate the machine’s functions through wireless interaction, such as.

Monitor the cleanliness of the water in the purifier.

Remember the milestone of filter change to remind when it is time to change the core.

Pay attention to the filtering capacity of the machine.

Claim service and warranty from Kangaroo.

Connects directly to your smartphone1

The efficiency of a five-cell molding system

With the Kangaroo KG100EED IoT in your living space, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your drinking water, because with the careful distillation of 5 filters, you’ll get the freshest, healthiest water available. The healthiest.

PP core 5 microns. Thanks to the PP fiber structure, it effectively prevents floating matter larger than 5 microns.

Activated carbon core: responsible for absorbing chlorine, harmful chemicals or pesticide residues (if any).

1 micron PP core. Filters out dust and rust larger than 1 micron in size left after passing through the first core.

RO core. Kills harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as heavy metal ions and microorganisms.

5-in-1 core: Responsible for balancing the pH and helping to reduce the oxidation state of the body.


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