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Highlights of Coway AP-1008DH Air Purifier

Coway AP-1008DH air purifier is assembled and manufactured at Coway factory in Korea. This is Coway’s high-end model in Vietnam market. This air purifier possesses a beautiful, luxurious design, using high-quality, delicate leather. Outstanding air purification ability with 4 high-tech filters, completely removing up to 99.9% of air pollution in the room. Coway AP-1008DH air purifier with the mission of giving people the feeling of a clean air flow, quiet space and cool breeze from the sea.

Máy Lọc Không Khí Coway AP-1008DH Giá Tốt | Nguyễn Kim

High-end and luxurious design

The COWAY AP-1008DH air purifier is compact and has a leather design on the front, which gives the machine a luxurious appearance and also looks like a decorative piece that adds beauty to your home. The device can purify the atmosphere of an area of about 33 square meters. This air purifier will help keep your room fresh and protect your own health and the health of your loved ones in your family.

Kewei AP-1008DH Air Purifier Design

The design harmony between the high-grade leather surface and the luxurious metal frame enhances your home living space.

Ultimate Air Filter

The purifier is equipped with 4 filters to help remove over 99% of 0.3 micron dust, gas, mold, bacteria and viruses, especially influenza A H5N1, H1N1.

The pre-filter is made of antimicrobial material and the pre-filter completely removes macromolecules such as fabric dust, shedding, animal hair …….

The filter between the MMC is a 3-in-1 filter that removes harmful gases, allergens and pollen.

Deodorizing filters containing activated carbon in flakes help to quickly remove unpleasant odors, such as tobacco, food ……

HEPA filter removes PM2.5 fine dust, kills bacteria, disease-causing viruses…

Consuming only 5 to 38W, it is equipped with an intelligent light sensor to help optimize power savings and reduce costs for your home. In addition, during the machine’s operation, the silent mode helps control the noise to peak with noise levels as low as 20.7-47.3 dB, giving you a space that is not only fresher. And quieter for better sleep without disturbing users.

Intelligent Air Sensor

Kewei AP-1008DH air purifier is equipped with intelligent sensors that display the level of air pollution at a specific time by color, making it easy for users to understand the state of the room’s atmosphere. Clean or polluted, effective speed adjustment.

Blue. Clean air.

Light purple. Air shows signs of pollution.

Dark purple. The air is polluted.

Red: The air is heavily polluted.

Sensor Coventry Air Purifier AP-1008DH

Machine operation is relatively simple and requires no effort, just press a button; convenient with minimal buttons and intuitive with a round button interface.

Intelligent Auto Mode

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology makes the Coway AP-1008DH air purifier’s intelligent control panel easy to use. This technology automatically adjusts airflow to match indoor pollution levels and automatically switches back to sleep mode at the appropriate time. With the Coway AP-1008DH air purifier, you’ll have a clean, germ-free space that ensures health and safety. With the outstanding benefits of the Coway AP-1008DH air purifier, this machine will certainly not disappoint consumers.


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