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Highlights of Coway AP-1018F . Air Purifier

The Coway AP-1018F air purifier, launched in 2021, is an innovative and smart solution for your surroundings. Not only possessing a modern and compact design, the machine also offers a strong air purification effect when improved filtration technology. This air purifier provides a dust-free, odor-free living space and is free of disease-causing bacteria.

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Ultra-thin design, suitable for any space in your home

The Coway AP-1018F air purifier stands out with its ultra-thin design, but no less luxurious by the dominant white color of the product, suitable for any space in the house thanks to its weight of only 7kg, which is easy to move. Honor your living space. Small holes with high density are both dirty air intakes and help the overall look more harmonious and eye-catching.

Efficient air purification with 4-filter system

The Coway AP-1018F air purifier has outstanding air filtration efficiency thanks to 4-layer filter technology, helping to keep the indoor air quality clean, ensuring the health of the whole family.

The coarse filter has the effect of capturing large-sized dust, pet hair, cloth dust, etc.

The fine dust filter filters out microscopic dust particles.

Deodorizing filter with activated carbon will help deodorize and quickly remove harmful gases in your home environment.

The HEPA filter filters up to 99.97% of 0.3 um superfine dust particles (PM10, PM2.5) and neutralizes up to 99.9% of influenza A viruses in the air.

Coway AP-1018F . Air Purifier

Automatic adjustment of filter speed through smart sensor

The Coway AP-1018F air purifier has an extremely sensitive and accurate set of air quality sensors, including dust, odor and light sensors. Dust and odor sensors help detect and evaluate the density of pollutants, automatically adjust the appropriate filter speed and notify users through the warning LED system, while the light sensor automatically will switch to Silent mode after turning off the light for 10 minutes, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Easy-to-operate control panel, automatically adjusts wind speed by AI

The control panel on the Coway AP-1018F air purifier is easy to operate with a simple interface, allowing the option of 4 different air filtration modes. Besides, the automatic mode combined with artificial intelligence AI is used to automatically adjust the operating wind speed depending on the air level in the room.

Quiet, energy-saving operation with Inverter and Smart Eco technology

When Sleep mode is on, the machine will provide gentle wind to bring you deep and refreshing sleep. Meanwhile, the maximum noise level is only 47dB, lower than the noise of the blower, not affecting sleep. With Inverter technology combined with Smart Eco smart saving technology, the machine will optimize power consumption when operating, helping you save significantly on living costs for your family.


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