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How often to change car coolant

Car coolant, also known as engine cooling solution. They are mixed with water to keep the radiator from freezing in extreme cold and not giving off too much heat at high temperatures. The main ingredient in the coolant is distilled water mixed with a coolant called ethylene glycol. Currently, on the market there are many different types of cooling water, different uses and cooling parameters. Read the following article to know “How long does it take to change the car coolant”!
Why do we need to change the car coolant?

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Changing the car’s coolant will bring many benefits to the car’s cooling system. Without car coolant, the heat generated during continuous combustion will damage the engine very quickly. Although the coolant will be mixed with water, water of course cannot keep the engine cool. The heat of the engine or of the ambient temperature will bring the water to a boil immediately.

Changing the car coolant will help:

Auto coolant will help you remove rust and deposits that build up over time. The most important thing is to remove these deposits as they can cause overheating and damage the entire cooling system of the vehicle.

Additives in the coolant also lubricate and help prevent rust from building up in the system. This will prolong the life and allow the cooling system to operate more efficiently.

After a period of use, the coolant loses its anti-corrosion properties, allowing contaminants to accumulate in the cooling system. So when changing the coolant will completely clean these impurities out of the system.

Before doing so, you should also pay attention and check your vehicle’s entire cooling system including the thermostat, radiator and all hoses and belts. This is beneficial because we will check and rule out leaks and other potential problems.

Changing the coolant can also prevent ethylene glycol antifreeze from turning acidic after a period of use. This is important because once it starts to become acidic it quickly damages the bearing in the machine, the rubber hose and the aluminum parts of the engine.

What type of car coolant is good?

Currently, there are many different brands and products of car coolant. So how can we know which type is good to use for the car? Depending on the brand and model of the car you are using, they will have a separate and suitable type of car coolant.

PEAK is a big brand, coming from the US and has more than 40 years of research and production line of supporting products for engines, especially car coolant. Currently, Finlex is the exclusive distributor of automotive coolant products from PEAK. The car coolant will be available in a variety of colors such as orange, pink, blue, green… along with product lines for vehicles ranging from popular to those manufactured in the Asian, European and Asian markets. America.
How often should the car’s coolant be changed?

That will depend on the type of vehicle. Like all other fluids that an engine needs to run, your car’s coolant needs to be changed on a regular basis. Depending on the type of vehicle and the time of use, the time it needs to be changed will be different, usually a car needs to change the coolant when it has operated about 40,000 – 80,000 km.

In addition, if you find large oil particles floating inside the radiator, rusty or colorless, this is a sign that you should replace the car coolant. You need to make sure to flush out any rust particles and dirt that can clog the cooling system before pouring in fresh coolant.
How to change car coolant?

Each car model will have a different structure and type of coolant. It can be a bit difficult to get rid of all the used liquid, leaving impurities in the cooling system. In some cases, you have to pay attention and remove parts in the engine to clean.

Tools to prepare before conducting a car coolant change:

Clean (pure) water has a volume equal to 1/2 of the volume of the car water tank

Dedicated PEAK Coolant: 1 gallon (3.785 L) approx 1 tank

1 flat head screwdriver

Coolant change hopper

A basin used to hold the drained coolant


1 pair of sanitary gloves

Steps to take:

Step 1: Discard the old coolant

After turning off the engine for a while, wait for the heat to dissipate

Lift the car, find the coolant drain cap under the chassis

Place the pot under the radiator, open the radiator cap to let it flow in, then close the lid tightly

Pour pre-prepared clean water into the water tank and close the lid tightly

Run the engine for about 3-5 minutes

Then, turn off the engine, wait for the engine to cool down and drain the water in the tank

Attention: During engine start, it is necessary to observe the vehicle clock to avoid encroachment on the red zone. If there is a need to turn off the machine immediately

Step 2: Change the Peak coolant to a new one in “changing car coolant”

Re-read the documentation or refer to the seller, to know the coolant capacity to change.

Mix the 1:1 coolant with purified water. Then, fill the car coolant tank.

Next, pour the above mixed solution into the auxiliary water tank.

To open the tank cap, turn on the engine and run until the liquid bubbles and reduces. Pay close attention to the clock hands on the car to avoid overheating the engine

Continue to add the mixed solution to the cooling water tank and the auxiliary water tank.

Close the water tank cap tightly.

Dispose of old cooling waste in accordance with environmental sanitation.
Finlex team with many years of experience in car maintenance and repair, we are ready to advise and help you change the right car coolant for your car.


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