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Instructions for choosing and replacing leather straps for accurate metal watches

If you own a luxurious, trendy metal watch but still want to own a sophisticated and classic look on a leather strap, then this article is for you. This article will guide you through choosing and changing leather straps for metal watches easily and accurately.

How to choose and change leather straps for metal watches simply and easily

The replacement of leather straps for metal watches is now very popular with watch enthusiasts. They replace metal watch straps with leather ones with the desire to change their personal style to become more different.

In order to choose and replace the leather strap for a watch with the most meticulous, meticulous and complete metal strap, the steps below cannot be missed.

Changing leather straps for metal watches has become a current trend because of the uniqueness and personality it brings to users.

1. Check if the watch supports changing the wire?

First, if you want to change the leather strap for a metal watch, you must check if the connection part of the watch face supports changing the strap or not. Usually, manufacturers or designers of the Olym Pianus leather strap joint have a protruding lug, so that users can easily change the strap themselves at home.

The protruding lug makes it easy for users to change the leather strap for metal watches at home


2. Measure the size of the cord

Next, when replacing a leather strap for a metal watch or anytime you want to replace a strap, it is crucial to measure the size that fits your wrist.

The length of the leather strap that fits your wrist will help you easily secure your watch to your wrist without it being too loose or too tight, resulting in an uncomfortable wrist situation.

In addition, leather straps are the same length and size as metal straps, giving a more harmonious and snug fit to the overall watch and bringing more aesthetic appeal.

When replacing a leather strap for a metal watch, you also need to consider the length of the strap

3. Choose the right size leather strap

When replacing a leather strap for a metal watch, it is important that the size of the leather strap is similar to the metal strap. This is because splicing will be easier when the wire sets are the same size.

If the leather strap you are replacing is wider than the metal strap, you will need to take a few steps to grind it to the same size. At this point, the leather strap of a Tissot 1853 watch can be easily replaced. In particular, today’s straps are usually of an even number of sizes and rarely come in odd sizes.

To replace a metal strap with a leather strap, these straps must be similar in size

4. The color scheme of the strap

When you are replacing a metal strap with a leather strap, you should also pay attention to the color factor. By choosing a harmonious color between the strap and the dial, it will help your watch become more luxurious and stylish.

Two popular styles of strap color schemes today are. Contrasting color scheme. Combining a dark – cool color with a light – warm color helps the watch become more prominent and unique. (Example: white dial watches with black leather straps).

Synchronized color schemes. Choosing a strap with colors that match the details on the watch dial creates a harmonious unity and makes the watch more sophisticated. (Example: Blue analog watch with blue leather strap).

Match the color of the strap with the watch dial to make the watch more luxurious and exquisite

5. Prepare the tool for removing the wire

Before embarking on replacing the leather strap for your metal watch at home, you must make sure you have all the necessary tools. Such tools include

Strap removal tool: special wire removal tool, flat head screws ….

Watch strap cutter.

Strap punch.

Anti-scuffing tape.

Soft cloth for lining the watch.

To replace a leather strap for a metal watch, a full set of strap removal tools is required

6. Removing the clasp and eyelet

To replace the leather strap for a metal watch, first we need to unclasp the strap. Just turn over the back, find the connection point and the latch, put the tip of the tool into the coupling, pull down and pull the cord out. This way you have removed the buckle from the wire.

Insert the tool into the connection point, you can take out the wire clasp and the eyelet

7. Remove the ends of the two couplers

At this stage, you need to remove the wires from the lugs. When we remove the wire clasp, we have to do the same thing, which is to put the tool into the connection between the lugs and the wire and pull down to pull the wire out. Do this on both sides and you have successfully removed the wire.

Note that you need to tape the retaining tape to the ends of the lugs to prevent scratching the wire during its removal.

When you remove the clasp, you will be able to remove the two connections between the metal wire and the lugs 8. Putting on the new leather strap In this step of replacing the leather strap on this metal watch, you need to be meticulous so that one side of the pin fits into the hole in the lugs. Then use a tool or screw to press the top pin down and squeeze the remaining wire into the lugs.

Secure the leather strap to the lugs with a tool or screw or other tool to make it fit together 9. Check the firmness After you have finished joining the Citizen watch leather strap to the lugs, you need to pull and shake it slightly to check the firmness and see if the wire locking clasp is tight. If you are sure, do the same for the other end of the wire. Pull gently to check if the lugs and strap are secure

10. Clean the strap and case

Finally, after successfully replacing the leather strap on your metal watch, clean and sanitize the entire watch with a soft cloth, from the strap to the lugs to the dial. Make sure that your watch is now wearing a new suit.

The final step in replacing the leather strap on a metal watch is to clean the watch as a whole

Conclusion when replacing a metal watchband with a leather one

In the above article, Hai Trieu Watches has given you an overview of replacing a leather strap on a metal watch. It helps you to know more about when to change the wire, what tools you need, what steps you need to take and how to …… This makes it easier to change the cord at home.


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