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Outstanding features of Kangaroo 5-core Kangaroo alkaline Hydrogen ion RO water purifier KG100MED

The presence of a versatile desktop water purifier like the Kangaroo KG100MED will greatly help your daily life and those around you. With the ability to filter water with a capacity of 17 liters per hour, add minerals and create alkaline ionized Hydrogen, the device will help you always have a source of pure and healthy drinking water.

Kangaroo water purifier 5 cores KG100MED

Bộ vỏ tủ KG100MED | Kangaroo Store - Kênh bán hàng trực tuyến chính thức  Tập đoàn Kangaroo

Compact, luxurious and easy to move

From the outside, the Kangaroo KG100MED has a luxurious and modern look, just like a computer case. Thanks to this, you can put the water purifier anywhere, from the kitchen, dining room, living room to the office, serving everyone’s drinking water needs. The manufacturer has applied a screw connection mechanism that reduces installation operations and saves time and effort for the user.

Application of RO.water electrolysis technology

Kangaroo is currently the only name in Vietnam that applies RO water electrolysis technology to keep water sources pure. RO technology is included in the final stage of the water purification process on the KG100MED, helping to split water into ionic forms to increase activity and form alkaline ionized water that is beneficial to the user’s body.

The filtration process is completely closed

To reduce the environmental impact on the purity of the water flowing through the purifier, the Kangaroo KG100MED has an integral core design. This special construction was researched by the manufacturer to help users easily change the core and also lock the water supply line to avoid water leakage out and bacteria entry.

Delivers 17 liters of filtered water per hour, ready to use

With an effective filtration capacity of up to 17 liters of water per hour, the Kangaroo KG100MED water purifier will provide a rich and stable source of water for the whole family. You absolutely don’t need to care about the operation of the unit, as it all happens completely automatically. Self-watering, automatic shut-off when the tank is full, self-discharging waste water, self-cleaning RO membrane.

Filtration – up to 45% waste

Owners of the Kangaroo KG100MED can be assured of the effectiveness of the product for water purification. The device records a filtration-waste index of up to 45%. This means that for every 10 liters of water that passes through the KG100MED, you will recover 4.5 liters of perfectly pure water. With the remaining 5.5 liters of water, you are still free to use it for other household purposes such as watering plants, washing clothes and cleaning.

Alkaline ion filtration system

The Kangaroo KG100MED water purifier uses a 5-cell filtration mechanism that is used separately and effectively.

PP fiber monolithic core with 5 microns gap. Helps filter out sand and sediment larger than 5 microns.

Activated carbon overall core. Removes pesticides and toxic organics.

PP fiber monolithic core with 1 micron gap. Retains bacteria larger than 1 micron.

75G sinking membrane set and RO membrane. Filters out heavy metals, microbes and viruses.

Core T33: Supports the production of alkaline hydrogen ions that are good for our health.


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