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Review of the Mercedes Maybach S650 series

The Mercedes Maybach S650 4Matic 2022 deserves to be a masterpiece in the car world, as it is a pioneer model for creativity, advanced technology and leadership style. The model fully converges the quintessence of technology and lavish lines that many successful businessmen desire.

S650 4Matic 2022 is also the most advanced model in the Maybach family, the illustrious car that made the name Mercedes Benz globally. It can be said that the S650 4Matic is the benchmark, the yardstick for any sedan currently on the market in the luxury car segment.

Maybach S650 4Matic 2022: Giá xe S650 lăn bánh tại Hà Nội, TPHCM

Specifications Mercedes-Maybach S650 2022

Vehicle name: Mercedes-Maybach S650 4Matic

Overall dimensions: D x R x C: 5462 x 1899 x 1498 (mm)

Wheelbase. 3365 (mm)

Dead weight/cargo weight: 2360/460 (kg)

Engine: V12

Operating capacity: 5980 (ml)

Max. power: 463 kW [630 hp] at 5000 rpm

Max. torque: 1000 Nm, 2300-4200 rpm

Transmission: 7G-TRONIC Plus 7-speed automatic transmission

Drive. Rear axle

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. 4.7 s

Top speed: 250 (km/h)

Fuel type. Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 95 or higher

Exterior Mercedes-Maybach S650

Mercedes-Maybach S650 boldly embodies the luxury style of a “leader

The overall dimensions of the Mercedes-Maybach S650 are moderately slim. 5462x1899x1498 mm. Always standing out with an impressive appearance is the Mercedes-Benz standard for exterior design.

Head of the car

The grille at the front of the car consists of three horizontal double bars with one vertical bar and hidden chrome bar below. In addition, a unique Maybach logo is present on the grille, which sets it apart from other models.

If we talk about the sharpness of the front light clusters, it would be hard for any car to surpass the Mercedes design. The Maybach S 650’s light clusters consist of 3 multi-beam LED strips located in parallel position and swept upwards, very sporty, but not too much of a luxury part.

The car has a sharp and slim front bumper design that encompasses the entire head, with the hood highlighted by two slightly elongated veins. The Mercedes-Benz logo, the “three-spoke star” is proud and very beautiful.


The side walls of the Maybach S 650 2021 are quite neat, with sharp and soft curves, door handles in the same body color and modern mirrors with anti-glare function, electrically foldable and integrated turn signals.

The car also has a special set of 20-inch alloy wheels designed only for the Maybach range, creating a difference and uniqueness that is only found on the most advanced Mercedes-Benz cars.


The rear of the Maybach S650 is easily recognizable by its unique 3-bar LED taillights with a rounded crystal “bird wing” design, the Maybach logo, and shiny chrome dual exhaust pipes. Located close to the lower bumper, it creates a sense of unity and seamlessness.

Thanks to the design and interior equipment of the Mercedes-Maybach S650, all competitors in the luxury segment are always on the alert for this model. with a wheelbase of 3,365 mm, the S650 Maybach meets all users’ needs with a spacious passenger compartment and first-class amenities worthy of a business car.

Stepping inside, the user cannot help but be amazed at the attractiveness of the carefully finished details, the aluminum cladding, the piano lacquered glossy wood with the embossed textures on the high-quality leather material that make the whole car so harmonious and beautiful.

The dashboard is elongated and superficially balanced in relation to the front seats, arranged as envisioned. Prominent in the dashboard area is a three-spoke leather-wrapped high-quality wood-paneled steering wheel, capable of remembering three positions, with the Mercedes logo integrated into the touch controls, and a direct selection of the gearshift lever behind the steering wheel is quite easy for the driver. Operation when shifting gears.

The seating system of the S650 Maybach is luxurious, but equally modern, with special cushions that optimize the sound insulation process. In addition, the new Mercedes-Maybach S650 has additional noise-reducing materials.

The car has a driver’s seat and a power passenger seat with 3-position memory and a large headrest. The business rear seat has electric adjustment and the headrests add a 43.5-degree electrically adjustable footrest, 6-mode massage and calf support.


The Maybach S650 2022 uses an independent 2-zone automatic air conditioning system in the front/rear seats with an air filter with oxidizing and aromatic function to keep the cabin free from strange odors.

In this fresh atmosphere, users can enjoy great music or movies with the world’s most modern entertainment sound system. Maybach S650 is equipped with Command online with 12.3-inch HD screen, radio tuner, card, SD, Bluetooth and voice cassette control.

Not only that, the car is also more favorable when investing in Apple PlayCar, Android Auto system, rear seat Blu-ray reader, and a wireless phone charger in the central dock between the two seats, the same system. The sound is a 26-speaker Burmester high-end 3D type with a capacity of 1,590 watts, creating a perfect space like a lively concert.


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