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RO water purifier Hydrogen Kangaroo 9 cores KG100HAVTU

The 9-core RO Hydrogen Kangaroo water purifier KG100HAVTU is a water purifier product that uses an advanced 9-core filter, which not only filters but also improves the quality of drinking water by adding healthy hydrogen and minerals. It is worthy that the device should be installed in today’s households and offices.

Elegant design in stainless steel combined with tempered glass surface

Máy lọc nước Kangaroo 9 lõi KG100HAVTU tặng 3 lõi lọc, trả góp ưu đãi |

The R.O Hydrogen Kangaroo 9-Cell Water Filter KG100HAVTU is designed with a vertical cabinet made of stainless steel and topped with high-strength tempered glass that is scratch-free and resistant to sticking, creating a luxurious feel. The filter is placed in the cabinet below, and part of the cabinet door is clear glass, allowing users to easily observe the status of the filter on a regular basis without having to fully open the cabinet door. The luxurious silver and black design allows the water filter to be installed in many areas of the home and office without detracting from the overall aesthetics of the space.

Versatile 9-cell filter adds hydrogen and minerals to water

The water will go through a total of 9 filtration stages, from basic filtration to remove impurities and residual chlorine from the water, to deep filtration to remove harmful heavy metals and micro minerals, and then to the final stage. , the pH of the water will be rebalanced to the level most beneficial to human health, while the water molecules will be electrolytically separated to form healthy alkaline ionized water.

In addition, beneficial minerals such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ will be replenished to the proper hydrogen content. Finally, the Nano Carbon+ technology from Korea will remove odor, flavor the water while sterilizing it, limit the growth of harmful bacteria, support the production of water-absorbing substances, and increase metabolism. Water metabolism.

Exclusive vortex reverse osmosis filtration technology saves water and increases filter life

RO Vortex Filtration Technology is a technology invented by research at Kangaroo Applied Research Center in Korea. It is structured to create a vortex around the shaft to help reduce deposit formation on the surface of the filter, thereby increasing the time. It retains water up to 4 times and removes harmful impurities such as heavy metals, bacteria, harmful dissolved organics, harmful mineral salts (nitrates, nitrites), protective drug residue plants, amoebas (a parasitic amoeba in the human brain), etc.

In addition, RO Vortex technology helps reduce wastewater by up to 75% and increases the amount of purified water by up to 60%, maximizing input water savings while increasing the life of the water purifier. Saves the cost of replacing filters later.

A new automatic deep suction pump system combined with a solenoid valve

There are many water purifiers that will not work when the input water source is weak, but the Kangaroo 9-cell water purifier KG100HAVTU is equipped with an automatic deep suction pump that the machine will automatically evaluate and adjust to the water source at all times. is stable, allowing the machine to be installed in every home, regardless of the topographic location or the structure of the plumbing. The machine also uses elbows with a self-sealing mechanism, which helps reduce water leaks caused by slipping connection pipes. This mechanism also allows the user to easily install the pipes themselves without having to rely too much on the fitter.


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