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Should I clean mechanical watches Standard watch oil cleaning process

What is watch oil cleaning in English? Why clean mechanical watch oil?

In English, the watch oil wipe is written as “watch oil wipe”. The average life of the oils used to lubricate the popular watches today is usually about 3 – 10 years, over this time the oil will dry, causing the gears and components to be friction, wear and generate. Metal dust causes the watch to be wrong or even dead.

So what is watch oil cleaning? It is the process of watchmakers cleaning dirt, dehumidifying, removing old oil, dry oil in the movement, repairing and restoring damaged components, helping the watch restore its smoothness and accuracy. solid, durable.

When should watch oil be cleaned? How often to clean mechanical watches?

Do not wait until the watch is no longer working before you go to clean the oil, but do it as soon as you see the following signs:

– Clock runs slowly, wrong time

– Clock when running and stopping

– Winded for 24 hours but running less and less every day

Quy Trình Lau Đồng Hồ Đeo Tay Như Thế Nào Thì Đúng

– The watch has broken glass, cracked bottom, steam, rust, dust, …
As soon as the watch shows signs of slowness, wrong time, dust, etc., take it to service immediately Depending on the type, the watch movement will have different oil cleaning times and are fully recommended by manufacturers to users. With Japanese mechanical watches: The best oil cleaning time is 2.5 – 3 years / 1 time. With Swiss mechanical watches: Standard watch: 3.5 – 4 years / 1 time. High quality watches: 4 – 5 years / 1 time. Special watches: from 6 to 12 years/ 1 time Rolex watches: every 6-8 years Omega watches from 6 to 8 years/time for Coaxial and from 8 to 10 years/time for Master Coaxial. However, you should not abuse the oil cleaning of the watch because every time you open the lid, the water resistance of the movement will be more or less affected. Do Quartz watches need oiling?

Do Quartz watches need oiling? It is an issue that many customers care about. If a Quartz watch has a moving needle, it should be oiled after 3 battery changes to ensure the performance of the IC, circuit, motor,… Helps the watch consume less battery and increase its lifespan. But if the watch uses an electronic display, there is no need to clean the oil.

Mechanical watch oil cleaning process

What oil to clean the watch with? Usually watchmakers will use specialized oils for each component, different types of watches and of course you can’t clean mechanical watch oil yourself at home, usually how to clean mechanical watch oil will include following steps:

Step 1: Check the external condition of the watch

Step 2: Remove the band, caseback, hands, dial, and movement details

Step 3: Clean the shell wire with a dedicated ultrasonic machine

Step 4: Clean each detail with a special solution and dry it with specialized paper or let it dry naturally

Step 5: Dot the correct type of oil on the details and reassemble as original according to Swiss standards.

Step 6: Check and correct errors with specialized measuring equipment

Step 7: Reassemble the machine into the case and check the water tightness with a dedicated air compressor. The bottom gasket and crown can be replaced with a new one to ensure the watch’s watertightness.

Step 8: Replace battery for Quartz watch

Step 9: Check the functions of the watch, especially the ability to keep the mainspring by Cylotest (at least 36 hours after the mainspring is full).

Step 10: Get the correct time and calendar and check the aesthetics

How long does it take to clean a mechanical watch?

The base watch possesses a movement with many details, so it takes a long time to meticulously clean and oil. After cleaning the oil, the mechanic must keep it to observe the operation of the watch to see if it is normal or not. Therefore, it takes at least 5 days to complete the maintenance and oil cleaning process. Winding mechanical watches will take longer than battery watches.

How much does it cost to clean a watch?

The price of cleaning mechanical watch oil at each facility is different, ranging from 300,000 VND to a few million. The reason there is such a big difference is because large, reputable establishments with well-trained, highly skilled and meticulous workers will have higher prices than roadside workers. If you use a genuine watch, it is best to bring the watch to a large maintenance facility because the maintenance time is quite long, you will not be able to supervise the oil cleaning process, it is easy to change the poor quality parts if deliver watches to less reputable places.

Where is the reputable place to clean the watch oil? Watch oil cleaning service

Galle Watch is proud to be one of the leading distributors of genuine and high-end watches in the country. Here, there are not only a variety of different watch brands and models, but also a reputable watch oil cleaning address.

Galle Watch has 5 genuine authorized service centers, technicians well-trained by watch experts in the world and a system of genuine Swiss imported machinery. Therefore, customers who come here to repair watches will be extremely assured.


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