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Signs to recognize and how to fix broken spark plugs

1. Signs of damaged motorcycle spark plugs

When you see one of the following signs, it shows that the spark plugs of the motorcycle have been damaged:

1.1. Spark plugs are black and wet

When you see the exhaust pipe emitting blue smoke, with a burning smell, vehicle users should check the spark plugs of the motorcycle. If the spark plug is wet and black, it means the spark plug is damaged.

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With this sign, the cause of spark plug failure may be due to leaking oil into the cylinder, this amount of oil then produces soot and sticks to the spark plug.
1.2. Spark plugs are black and dry

When you see the exhaust pipe emitting black gas and check the spark plug is black and dry, it is also a sign that the spark plug has failed. The cause of this condition is usually due to the engine operating with a high fuel level (excess fuel) or the car driving too slowly.
1.3. Spark plugs are white

The white spark plugs are caused by the car engine overheating. The cause of this condition may be due to the spark plug having too large a thermal gap leading to too low octane number, the engine cooling system failing, the engine’s ignition timing is not optimal or the amount of air is supplied too much. more than necessary. Then the user needs to check the relevant parts and replace the spark plug.

1.4. Motorcycle spark plugs are extremely worn

The cause of extreme wear of motorcycle spark plugs can be due to the ignition timing being too early, lack of lubricating oil, or a damaged cooling unit. Another reason can be mentioned is that the car is using a spark plug with a nickel terminal. Spark plugs made from this material have very poor heat resistance and are easy to melt and wear.

1.5. Spark plugs with large ignition distance

After a long time of use, the ignition process has worn out the center of the spark plug. When the pole is worn, it will cause the ignition gap to increase, reduce the ability of ignition and reduce the power of the car engine. At that time, users need to quickly replace the spark plugs to avoid affecting the car engine.
2. How to fix broken motorcycle spark plugs

Damaged spark plugs are one of the reasons why motorcycles cannot start. Therefore, it is necessary to fix immediately when seeing signs of damaged motorcycle spark plugs. Here is how to fix broken motorcycle spark plugs at home, car users can refer to:

When the spark plug is soaked in water: Remove the spark plug from the car, then use a dry cloth to wipe the water off the spark plug. After cleaning, put the spark plug back in and check that the engine is running efficiently. If not, the spark plugs need to be replaced.

Motorcycle spark plugs are black and wet, extremely worn: In this case, the vehicle user needs to replace the spark plug with a new one. You can change the spark plugs yourself at home or bring the car to a repair shop, warranty and maintenance center to perform.

3. Instructions on how to change motorcycle spark plugs at home

Motorcycle spark plugs are installed in different positions depending on the model of the vehicle. For transmission cars, the spark plug is usually installed on the right side of the engine, right behind the right apron of the vehicle. With scooters, the spark plug is usually located inside the car’s plastic shell on the right side (closer to the driver’s footrest).

Instructions on how to change motorcycle spark plugs at home:

– Installation tools:


Wrench 14.

Tube tube (lens 17).

New spark plugs.

– Implementation steps:

Step 1: Locate the motorcycle spark plug.

Step 2: Use a screwdriver to remove the outer cover and rubber cap of the spark plug.

Step 3: Place lens 17 and wrench in spark plug position and turn counter-clockwise.

Step 4: Check the spark plug for oil stains, black deposits, ash, pitting or other damage. Spark plugs should be gray or yellowish, clean and dry. If corroded or soiled, the spark plug needs to be replaced.

Step 5: Install the new spark plug and tighten it clockwise.

Step 6: Reattach the rubber cap and start the motorcycle to check if the spark plugs are working properly or not.

Step 7: Assemble the parts as original.

Spark plugs are an important part of motorcycles using internal combustion engines. Therefore, when seeing signs of broken spark plugs, vehicle users need to fix and replace spark plugs immediately for stable operation of the vehicle.

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