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Spot 5 Honda motorcycle models that are having a ‘terrible’ price difference compared to the listed

Hot car models such as SH, Vision, Airblade … are being offered by dealers at very high prices, even tens of millions of dong difference compared to the company’s proposed price, even though users constantly reflect. Currently, the prices of these models are still “escalating” with no signs of stopping.

Here are 5 popular Honda motorcycle models with the highest price difference compared to the listed list compiled by VietnamPlus:

Honda SH 2021 (11-22 million VND)

Bảng giá xe Honda SH 2021 mới nhất tháng 5/2021 tại đại lý

As the Japanese manufacturer’s popular high-end scooter model, the Honda SH often has the biggest price difference since its launch.

Currently, the latest SH 2021 model is sold by Honda Authorized Dealers (HEAD) for VND11 to 21 million depending on the version, compared to the company’s quoted price. Specifically, the SH 150 ABS has the biggest difference when it is offered for sale for VND 118 million while the listed price is VND 95.9 million, a difference of VND 22.1 million.

Other models such as the 150 CBS, 125 ABS and 125 CBS were offered for sale at VND98.7 million, VND90.5 million and VND83 million respectively, VND10.7 million, VND11.5 million and VND12.2 million more than the posted price.

Honda SH 2021 has a total length x width x height of 2,090 mm x 739 mm x 1,129 mm, respectively, with a ground clearance of 146 mm. Vehicles using a PGM-FI, gasoline, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The SH 125i version has an output of 9.6 kW/8,250 rpm, while the SH 150i has an output of 12.4 kW/8,500 rpm.

Honda Vision 2021 (VND 14-18.5 million)

In a series of Honda models whose prices fluctuate sharply, it is worth mentioning the Honda Vision 2021. This model suddenly becomes more “hot” than ever when it continuously increases the price difference from the listed price and shows no signs of decreasing.Heat.

Specifically, Honda Vision personality version, has a published price of 34.49 million VND, but customers who want to buy a car must pay up to 53 million VND, a difference of nearly 19 million VND with the posted price. Other high-end versions, especially at VND 47-48 million, have a difference of about VND 16 million; the standard version is offered for sale at VND 44 million, a difference of VND 14 million…

Thus, customers who buy Honda Vision cars have to spend about 1.5 times the price of the car suggested by the company, the difference depends on the dealer. Despite such a high difference, Vietnamese customers continue to flock to buy cars and make the Honda Vision 2021 fall into a state of scarcity.

In its 2021 version, Honda Vision has a young, fresh and special design, very similar to the very “hot” high-end Honda SH scooter in Vietnam, which makes it loved by many people. With a base price of VND 30-35 million, it is in the mid-range scooter segment and competes with Yamaha Janus and Piaggio Zip.

Honda LEAD (6-8 million VND)

Not as “hot” as the SH or Vision, but the Honda LEAD is also sold at a high price at dealerships.

Specifically, the Honda Lead 2022 model after its adjustment has a slightly increased price of 16,545-76,545 VND depending on the version, but according to reporters, dealers offer it with a price difference of 6-8. million dong.

The standard Lead 2022 version is about to be pushed to 46 million VND, an increase of 7 million VND from the list price of 39 million VND, while the premium version costs 47.5 million VND, an increase of 6 million VND. The special edition of LEAD, in particular, has increased to VND 50 million, a difference of VND 8 million. This is considered to be the highest “price tag” of the Honda Lead 2022 scooter model since its launch late last year.

The Honda LEAD is a mid-range scooter model preferred by women that has the advantage of an extremely large trunk volume – up to 37 liters. The car is equipped with an engine with a maximum power of 6.63 kw/7,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 9.27 Nm. The car consumes 1.82 liters of gasoline for 100 km of travel.

Honda Airblade 160 (VND 4-7 million)

Although it has been open for sale for more than a week, the Honda Air Blade 160 has sold out at many dealerships. As a result, Honda’s new scooter model is currently sold with a difference of up to VND6 million from the company’s posted price.

Honda is currently competing with the “frame” in relation to the 4th picture again

Specifically, the Honda Air Blade 160 Standard is currently offered at VND 60 million, a difference of VND 4 million from the quoted price. As for the special edition of Honda Air Blade 160, it costs VND 64 million, a difference of VND 7 million.

At the moment, the number of Honda Air Blade 160 at the dealer is decreasing, so customers who want to buy a car still have to wait a little longer.

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