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The best electric car model of the year

Electric cars are very popular in the world and soon in Vietnam when car manufacturers in this market are aggressively installing electric charging stations and launching “concept” electric car models. The pioneer in the Vietnamese market is Vinfast VF e34, now let’s find out.

  1. Vinfast VF e34

Giá xe điện VF E34 mới nhất & Ưu đãi phí trước bạ 0 đồng (07/2022)

Price of the car: ~ 690 million VND.

Vinfast VF e34 is a sought-after electric car model produced by Vietnamese car manufacturer. Currently, you can deposit this model, and if you deposit before June 30, 2021, customers will receive a direct discount of VND 100 million. The posted price of the car is VND 690 million (the price has not been reduced).

Overall, the Vinfast VF e34 electric car is quite balanced with the length x width x height of 4300 x 1793 x 1613mm respectively / Wheelbase reaches 2610mm and ground clearance reaches 180mm.

The exterior of the Vinfast VF e34 is not too difficult, but it is still impressive with the trademark LED strip on the front of the car. The bodywork is neat with some raised ribs along the body and a piece of plastic panel under the steps of the car.

As an electric car, the Vinfast VF e34 still brings a sporty touch to the car with 5 double-spoke wheels at the base. The tail of the E34 electric car continues to be used by the Vietnamese car company to assert the brand, at the rear is fully equipped with shark fins, spoilers and luggage rack.

The interior of Vinfast VF e34 is quite spacious and modern with a simple layout of taplo panels, a few buttons and chrome strips running all around the cabin for a luxurious and modern feel. The comfortable features of this Vietnamese electric car model can be mentioned as follows: 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated buttons, 10-inch touch screen, voice control and some modern features other,….

The motor of Vinfast electric cars can move with a maximum speed of 147 horsepower and 242 Nm of torque. The battery of Vinfast electric cars can travel up to 300 km when fully charged.

2. Tesla’s WILL model

Car price: ~ 3 billion 121 million VND

Tesla Model S the best electric car model today

Tesla Model S the best electric car model today

Tesla is one of the most famous electric car manufacturers in the world. Tesla Model S is the first electric car model that this company produces, this electric car model has also received many awards of its own.

A number of people have imported this model to Vietnam to use it. Tesla Model S electric car has dimensions of length x width x height of 4978 x 2189 x 1435mm respectively / Wheelbase reaches 2,959mm.

Exterior Overview The Tesla Model S has a sleek and elegant appearance that meets the standards of sedan cars. As electric cars do not need to have a radiator design, the front part is often used to place a logo to confirm the brand, and this is the case with the Tesla Model S. The hood of the car is decorated with 2 raised lines on both sides to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The body of the Model S is quite modern with the door handle hidden inside, the most important is the large lazang with 10 single spokes very sporty.

Simple and modern interior compartment

Simple and modern interior compartment

The interior of the Tesla Model S electric car is also quite simple, everything is integrated into the 17-inch touch screen to enhance the modernity of the car. Above the dashboard, only the air conditioning port and the touch screen appear. In addition, the American electric cars are equipped with a leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel and integrated function buttons to make driving safer.

The practical features of the Tesla Model S can be mentioned as follows: 17-inch touchscreen, automatic air conditioning / HEPA standard air purifier, Bluetooth / USB / Radio connection, navigation, 7-12 speakers of the audio system depending on the version.

The engine used in the Tesla Model S electric car can move up to 315 horsepower, maximum torque of 441 Nm. The car can travel up to 473 km on a single charge.

3. Kia Soul EV

Car price: ~ 1 billion 780 million VND

Kia Soul EV – Korean electric car

Kia Soul EV – Korean electric car

We must admit that from 2020 to today, the car models produced by KIA are very beautiful in terms of design, bright design. Electric cars are not an exception when Kia Soul EV is evaluated as the best electric car in the world today.

Kia Soul EV had a fairly well organized debut in Chicago and after this launch, the company also quickly introduced this electric car model to the world.

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