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After a period of use, there will come a time when you will find that your laptop runs slowly. And you’ve been thinking about upgrading your old laptop, or maybe even buying a new one. But your conditions are limited, you can only upgrade but not enough to buy a new machine. So in this article, Phong Vu will provide you with more things you need to know about laptop upgrades.
Changing with the times is an inevitable trend of modern life today. And the same goes for laptops, when applications and software are getting more and more modern, it also requires the configuration of the computers to meet the minimum requirements to be able to use them. . Especially for those who have needs to use a laptop for programming, graphic design, playing high-configuration games, etc., upgrading their old laptop is essential (in potential cases). Financial resources do not allow you to replace a laptop or a completely new PC). But upgrading a laptop, what parts to upgrade and how to upgrade are questions that you need to pay attention to to avoid possible risks in upgrading a laptop.

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As mentioned above, upgrading your laptop for work or play is essential, because over time, the need to use multiple tasks on the computer is increasing. But wait!! Before thinking about upgrading a laptop, the first thing you need to pay attention to and carefully consider is that not everything in your laptop can be easily replaced or upgraded. There are many people using machines where some parts are soldered to the motherboard, which means it is difficult for you to upgrade components for your laptop.
To see if your laptop has any parts soldered to the board, you can read the manufacturer’s manual or another way is to Google, type the keyword “how to upgrade laptop X”, where X is the model name of the device you are using. And if you are more hardcore, want “a hundred hearing is not equal to one seeing, one hundred seeing is not equal to one try”, then get a 4-sided screwdriver along with a few other tools, turn the laptop upside down and use those tools to disassemble it. remove it and see if there are any soldered parts to the board (remember the assembly order to avoid forgetting the position of the parts when you install them).

First, you need to determine what you want to do when upgrading your laptop first. Because when determining the needs and purposes of use, it will save you time in choosing to upgrade what parts of the laptop, and also help you determine the costs. the cost that you have to spend on upgrading your laptop.

Each person has a different need and purpose for using a laptop, so the choice of ways to upgrade a laptop will also be different. For office workers, the need to use laptops can only stop at the level of using popular web browsers, listening to music, surfing Facebook, receiving emails, manipulating Office software, etc. Gamers, programmers or graphic designers need more precise options to suit their needs. Note that there will be many product lines of components that need upgrading for laptops. Therefore, when upgrading a laptop, learn carefully about the quality, parameters as well as the price of hardware components to be able to optimize efficiency for upgrading your laptop.

After you’ve checked the status of your laptop, it’s upgradeable or not, and you’ve determined your needs, then you should have confidence in upgrading your laptop, right? Then let’s follow Phong Vu to see what parts you can upgrade for your laptop.

1. Upgrade more RAM for laptop

Why did Phong Vu make this choice first? Simply because this is one of the most popular and simple upgrades that you can choose without thinking much. If your laptop has a small amount of RAM (4GB or less), after a while of use, you will definitely see the slowness and sluggishness of the machine even though you only use a few tasks on the machine. Perhaps buying more RAM with higher capacity is the first thing to do when upgrading your laptop. And if you do not understand why Phong Vu recommends upgrading RAM first, you can read more about what is RAM here to better understand.

Depending on the needs of use to choose the right RAM for the computer:

• If you are a student, a student (not intending to learn about technical knowledge) but only need to use a laptop for study or office purposes, just use the maximum amount of RAM. At least 4GB is enough.

But Phong Vu recommends that you should upgrade at least 1 more 2GB RAM stick to bring the total amount of RAM to 6GB to be able to use it, and if you can, try to increase it to 8GB. Why do I recommend you to increase the amount of RAM more than 4GB, because today most common users when using computers can not help but use the browser to surf the web, listen to music, watch movies, search for information … that the most commonly used browser today can be said to be Google Chrome, there are also a number of other browsers that are also used a lot, but most of those browsers are created on the basis of Google Chrome. Chrome. If you don’t know, Chrome consumes extremely RAM, so to improve performance when using Chrome, 4GB RAM can be said to be enough, but with the increasing demand for web use, the amount of RAM should be at least 6GB or more. up.
And if you want to become gamers, programmers, designers, engineers, etc., Phong Vu thinks that when you upgrade more RAM for your laptop, you should upgrade to at least 8GB, if possible. upgrade to 12GB, 16GB, 32GB,.. the better.

Up to the time this article was written, the games that have been, are and are about to be released are increasingly requiring higher configuration, or the software that designers often use (typically Adobe’s design suite). are also increasingly updated with more powerful features, or design and programming software for technical learners or programmers who also need to function smoothly.

There is one more thing that I want to pay attention to, that when you upgrade RAM, pay attention to the parameters of RAM – one of which is about the RAM bus. If you do not know what the RAM bus is or do not know how to see the bus of RAM, you can refer to the article What is the RAM bus.

When you buy RAM to upgrade, please pay attention to this to avoid buying RAM with a bus that is not suitable for your machine. To choose the right RAM bus for your device, according to Phong Vu, you just need to see how much is the bus of the pre-installed RAM and then buy an identical one, for example your RAM is 4G RAM has a bus of 2133, then you just need to buy an additional RAM like that or you can increase the capacity to 8GB and the bus is still 2133. And if you intend to replace it, you need to pay more attention to the mainboard. or does your CPU support that new RAM. In addition, if you are still confused in choosing which RAM is right for your device, please contact Phong Vu immediately to receive the best advice to help you solve the problem.

And if you still don’t know which type of RAM to choose for your laptop, you can refer here for more information.

2. Upgrade to an SSD

When you have equipped your laptop with more RAM, now you must have seen a smoother performance when performing tasks on your laptop, right? But wait!! That is not necessarily enough. Sometimes you still encounter a situation where surfing the web is not very smooth, sometimes you even have a browser crash, or even in a case when you are using a certain software or application, suddenly it freezes and shows a Not status. responding… The reason why? According to Phong Vu, most of the causes of that situation lie in your HDD. HDD after a long time of use, it will degrade because it is a mechanical hard drive, over time it will wear out in terms of internal hardware.

That’s why the next option that Phong Vu wants to introduce in upgrading a laptop is to upgrade an SSD hard drive. It’s also the simplest, most popular, and most affordable upgrade option. After upgrading the RAM, Phong Vu thinks that the next component you need to upgrade is to equip an SSD hard drive. In upgrading a laptop, adding more RAM is only a necessary condition, while equipping a new SSD with a new hard drive ensures sufficient conditions.

The benefits of upgrading to an SSD for your laptop:

• The first effect that you can immediately notice is that the computer boots up faster than booting with the HDD.

• Next is SSD hard drive, which has fast data access speed, avoiding fragmentation like HDD, ensuring good performance when using graphic design software or playing games.

• In addition, SSD does not make noise when operating, and has better heat dissipation and power saving ability than HDD.

Those are some of the effects that SSDs can bring to you and of course with the above effects, is it necessary to equip an SSD with an additional hard drive?

On the market today, in addition to conventional SSD hard drives, there are laptop lines that will support the M2 standard SSD hard drive line and you can refer to some types of M2 standard SSD hard drives here.

3. Upgrade discrete VGA for laptops

Note: For those of you who only have needs for studying, office work or simple entertainment without the need to play games or graphic design, programming, you can skip this part.

There are many people wondering whether when upgrading a laptop, it is possible to upgrade or replace discrete VGA? Phong Vu would like to answer that you can replace and upgrade discrete VGA for laptops. BUT this can only be applied to workstations or laptops that serve mainly for gaming (gaming laptops). Most conventional laptops cannot be upgraded or replaced by VGA. The reason in these lines, the manufacturer soldered the VGA (if any) to the mainboard (motherboard). If you notice the two models that can upgrade the discrete VGA that Phong Vu just mentioned above, the shape, size and weight of these two models look quite “dollar” compared to other conventional lines.

But don’t worry when your laptop can’t upgrade VGA because with today’s technology, people have produced a device that allows attaching discrete graphics cards to laptops via the latest Thunderbolt 3.0 port. This device is called eGPU (short for External Graphics Processing Unit), it can help you get the experience that only discrete VGA can bring whether you are using a laptop that is not a gaming series or a laptop. client. The downside of this device is that it is quite bulky, so it is quite inconvenient to move if you want to bring your laptop out to a cafe to play games or do graphics.

You can refer to the Gigabyte 8GB N1070IXEB-8GD eGPU video card at Phong Vu.
4. Upgrade your laptop battery

This may seem new, but it can actually be done when you upgrade your laptop. As you all know, after a period of use, the laptop battery will inevitably be damaged or even damaged unexpectedly no matter how careful you are. And when it has reached a high level, then it means that you will have to plug in the charger continuously to be able to use it, but if one day you are playing a game or need to relieve stress with the A good movie but suddenly there is a power outage, it’s really boring, isn’t it (because I myself – the writer of this article has experienced that feeling huhu).
There is a thing like this is that some laptop lines initially have a 3 or 4 cell battery, but it can be upgraded to a 6 or 9 cell battery because the manufacturer produces these batteries separately. Replaceable, but not all laptops are like that, so you need to pay attention to this. And if the battery of your device is too heavy, you should replace the battery to ensure the efficiency and durability of the laptop.


In a laptop, there are some parts that should not be upgraded or replaced, even can be said to be impossible to upgrade or replace. Those parts are the motherboard (mainboard), processor and screen.

Most laptops are designed with a reasonably specific motherboard and processor, and overall, these two parts determine the temperature produced by the laptop combined with the case designed to have a effectively dissipate heat. On the other hand, the screen is not a part worth upgrading, unless it falls, it has to be replaced.

Therefore, for these parts, you probably don’t have to care too much about upgrading the laptop, but just pay attention that, when you upgrade other parts, look at the two young motherboards and chip sets. processing to be able to choose the upgrade components that are suitable for them.

Good luck with your laptop upgrade.


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