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Top best selling men’s perfume of all time

Men who go to work or go out, we always choose for ourselves shoes, shirts, suits, etc. Apart from that, have you known to use perfume yet? Perfume is a type of water that brings a fresh, luxurious and elegant fragrance for men. Moreover, perfume also helps you to be confident when communicating. So which men’s perfumes are currently the best-selling, let’s learn about these perfumes with Perfume 95.

Nước hoa CHANEL BLEU DE CHANEL PARFUM 2018 | namperfume

Chanel Bleu Parfum

When it comes to the best-selling men’s perfume of all time, men can’t ignore this Chanel Bleu Parfum bottle. With aromatic wood tones and a strong masculine style, this is a perfume bottle that deserves to be in the top selling perfume bottles of all time. The opening with the fresh scent of lemon zest, bergamot and mint brings a feeling of summer freshness. Then comes the heart notes with the scent of Lavender, Geranium, green notes, in addition to the scent of sweet pineapple. Finally, the scent of familiar woods: sandalwood, cedar combined with tonka bean brings a warm, welcoming and inviting incense tone.

Acqua Di Gio For Men

Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme has reached the top of the best-selling perfume bottles of all time, the perfume bottle has more sales than the Chanel Bleu perfume bottles. It is likened to: “The king of the fresh perfume village”, it’s true. The main scent of the perfume bottle carries the fresh smell of the sea. It begins with a string of zesty citrus notes that mingle with the sweet smell of jasmine, then combines with floral notes, with hints of peach blossom and nutmeg, and finally settles on the note. The base notes are oriental white musks, woody and sensual, while keeping the floral and fruity scents masterfully blended. The fragrance is popular, still popular and widely used after many years, bringing a masculine and attractive look. The fragrance is close, suitable for use in an office environment.

Sauvage Dior EDP

Bottle of perfume mag strong masculine smell of a mature man. With oriental tones of fern, Sauvage Dior EDP gives off new sensual and mysterious aspects, renewing its signature with an ingenious composition. The ingredients retain the original version of bergamot, sweeter and more mentally stimulating than ever, with new spicy notes to add fullness and sensuality, such as an ambery trail of ambroxan enveloped in soft vanilla notes. For strong men, Sauvage Dior EDP will be a fragrance that deserves your attention, with a long-lasting scent (from 7 to 12 hours), it is suitable for you to go out, go to work at any time. Therefore, you should not ignore this bottle of perfume.

Versace Pour Homme

The starting scent of Versace Pour Homme is a sweet taste mixed with a little spicy flavor from the combination of lemon, neroli, bergamot, may rose to give users a distinct scent. The taste is very light and deep with orange fruits giving a typical taste of the “Mediterranean”. In the middle layer of incense, you will feel here a “clean” and “airy” scent that is pure thanks to the presence of hyacinth orchids, cyclamen, cedar wood, geranium. And in class. Finally, it is a warm flavor by the rather subtle combination of incense, tonka bean and amber that gives a very masculine and courageous taste.

Above are the best selling men’s perfume bottles of all time. If you don’t have one of the above perfume bottles, please contact Perfume 95 for advice on choosing the best perfume.

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