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What is a gaming laptop, what stands out Which company should I buy from

What is a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptop (gaming laptop) is a type of laptop designed to upgrade specifically for heavy gaming, computer video games that require strong graphics processing.

Machine details are designed and perfected with outstanding quality, in addition, gaming laptops are always applied the latest and most powerful technologies in hardware.
Outstanding features of gaming laptops

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1. Design

Gaming laptops are often designed with modern, angular, aggressive designs with eye-catching colors such as red black, blue black, black gray,… The body size is usually large and thick to arrange the cooling system. .
Currently, the size, thickness, and weight of gaming laptops have been significantly reduced thanks to the latest CPU and GPU technology applied to the production of gaming laptops. Computer manufacturers all have designs for thin and light Gaming like MSI, Asus Zephyrus, Dell Alienware, Razer Blade,…

2. Configuration

– CPU: Most gaming laptops use Core i7 Quadcore configuration with large clock speed, huge cache memory, in addition, many laptops are also equipped with desktop CPUs, or are capable of overclocking. At least a few machines use Core i5, the price is cheaper, but the performance cannot be equal to Core i7.

– GPU (Discrete graphics card): Equipped on high-end gaming laptops, specialized graphics processing.

Nvidia Geforce GTX series is the most powerful line of graphics cards integrated on current gaming laptops, with a large GPU clock, a lot of vram capacity, meeting the needs of strong graphics processing of the game. The discrete graphics cards on some gaming laptops can be disassembled, upgraded and replaced, something that ordinary laptops cannot do.

In addition, some gaming laptops can run two discrete graphics cards in parallel (similar SLI mode on PCs) to provide the strongest graphics processing performance.

– RAM: The machine’s internal memory has a large capacity (at least 8 GB) to meet the needs of heavy game loading, and multi-tasking with many programs at the same time. The ability to upgrade RAM on a gaming laptop is also very easy, the machine is usually equipped with 2, even 4 RAM slots.

Hard drive storage: On a gaming laptop, there is a large capacity, and it is possible to install many hard drives on one machine. Heavy offline and online games often have very large file sizes (up to 60Gb like GTA V or Call Of Duty Black ops III). The mSata SSD slot is gradually becoming the standard on a gaming laptop, this drive format offers high read and write speeds, (average 500Mb/s, even up to 3000Mb/s with Nvme Pcie SSDs).

3. Battery capacity

Because it specializes in serving heavy games, the game lasts longer, so the battery of gaming laptops has a longer time than conventional laptops. Most gaming laptops have a battery life of over 8 hours for you to use comfortably.


The screens of gaming laptops have high resolution (full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, UHD 4K 3820 x 2160 pixels), large screen sizes from 15.6 inches to 21 inches.

To serve games that need large frames per second (FPS), especially shooting games, some gaming laptops are equipped with screens with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz (such as Dell Alienware 17, MSI GS 73VR, …).

The colors on the screen have high contrast and are colorful, so the IPS screen panel is widely equipped.
. Keyboard

The keyboard on a gaming laptop is usually wider than a regular laptop. The keyboard size from 1.5 mm to over 2 mm provides a better pressing feeling, the key layout is spacious so that the hand can comfortably stretch out when playing games for a long time without fatigue.

Game-specific buttons have also been added, the backlit light in addition to red has an RGB type that allows customization and even a mechanical keyboard.

6. Cooling system

Gaming laptops are equipped with 2 separate fans for CPU and GPU with lots of copper heat pipes. Even in the super gaming laptop line, it is also equipped with an external water cooling unit like the Asus GX800.

Depending on the segment, gaming laptops cost from 10 to over 30 million VND.

In the cheap segment from 10 to 15 million VND: Dell Inspiron 7447, Dell Inspiron 7557, Asus GL552VX – XO081D,Dell Inspiron 7559,…

Mid-range segment 15-20 million: Acer Aspire A715 72G 54PC i5 8300H/8GB/1TB/4GB GTX1050/Win10/(GXBSV.003), Asus ROG GL553VD-FY175, MSI GV62 7RD 1882XVN gaming laptop,…

High-end segment 20 – 30 million: Dell Inspiron N7567, MSI GS63 6RF Stealth Pro, Hp Omen 15, Acer Nitro 5 AN515 52 70AE i7 8750H/8GB/1TB/4GB GTX1050Ti/Win10/(Q3LSV.007),.. .

3 Suggestions for gaming laptops worth buying in 2019

1. Famous gaming laptop brands

Previously, ASUS was known as a company specializing in manufacturing gaming laptops in the low-cost segment, but in recent years ASUS has raised the brand name when launching many products in many segments.

ASUS gaming laptops for a stable and balanced experience in every respect. The most outstanding feature of ASUS gaming laptops is that the price is cheaper than other brands, the price of a gaming laptop is not much higher than a normal laptop, but it has a powerful configuration.

ASUS gaming laptops are quite diverse in segments for you to choose from, from the popular segment like the ROG Strix G priced at VND 24 million to the “monster” ROG G703 priced from VND 120 million.

Dell – Alienware

Alienware is the oldest line of gaming laptops in the world. Alienware gaming laptops have long asserted superior quality compared to gaming computers in the same price segment.
In general, Alienware laptops have trendy, bunker, solid designs based on expensive materials, great hardware without a doubt.

Although the price is quite expensive but expensive, the price of Alienware in the mid-range segment is from 36 million for you to choose.


MSI is a brand that only focuses on manufacturing gaming laptops, they do not have a specific name for a specific product line because just mentioning MSI people already know that it is a powerfully designed, powerfully configured laptop. , powerful heat dissipation technology to serve gaming and heavy graphics-related work.

MSI’s lowest price is from 20 million VND or more, and even in the lowest segment, MSI laptops have converged many criteria of gaming laptops – typically the MSI GL73 8RC i7 8750H laptop. You can also choose MSI in the segment of over 30 million VND such as the MSI GP63 8RE-249VN laptop, the MSI GP63 8RD-098VN laptop,…

Acer – Predator, Nitro, Aspire

Compared to other competitors, Acer’s gaming laptops have many lines from popular to high-end and are increasingly perfect in design, powerful configuration, integrating proprietary technologies to help increase user experience.

The Aspire and Nitro series in the mid-range segment are priced from 20 million VND. Predator high-end segment costs from 30 million or more.

2. New gaming laptops 2019

Talking about gaming laptops, people immediately think of a bulky, heavy, and rough computer, but manufacturers are gradually changing this concept when constantly releasing gaming laptops with fine-tuned designs to easy to carry around, improved battery capacity, and easy upgrade of components.

ROG Zephyrus S GX701
Asus giới thiệu đến công chúng chiếc ROG Zephyrus S GX701 có kích thước 17 inch và dày chỉ 18.7 mm mỏng nhất từ trước tới nay, cấu hình mạnh mẽ với card đồ họa Nvidia RTX 2080, bộ xử lý Intel Core i7-8750H thế hệ thứ 8 và RAM lên đến 24 GB.

ROG Mothership GZ700

ROG Mothership GZ700 has a brand new look. Unlike conventional laptops, the components of this device are placed behind the screen, in the form of a vertical body, not below the keyboard.

Breakthrough vertical design enhances cooling for GeForce RTX™ 2080 GPUs and 8th Gen Intel Core i9 CPUs that have been overclocked before shipping.

The keyboard of this device is completely detachable, making ROG Mothership a giant version of Surface laptop for gaming.
Predator Triton 900

The Predator Triton 900 gaming laptop from the Acer brand has an extremely powerful configuration, the Triton 500 is integrated with 3 new Aero Blade cooling fans, a huge 17-inch screen, a special design that can be flipped 180 degrees to convert. between laptop and desktop mode.
Alienware Area-51m

Upgrading a gaming laptop to date is still relatively difficult, but we hope in the near future this can improve when Dell launches the Alienware Area-51m – a powerful gaming laptop. and can upgrade processor, graphics card.

The most advanced and powerful version of Area-51m uses 8-core Intel Core i9-9900K processor which is the best – most powerful – perfect chip for gaming, using NVIDIA RTX GPU. 2080 Mobile with 144Hz screen.


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