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What is a phone cooler TOP 6 best cooling fans

Heat dissipation plays a very important role for today’s smartphones and it is really essential for gamers. Below we learn about Cooling on phones and TOP 6 best cooling fans in 2021!

1. What is the heat sink on the phone?

The heat sink on the phone is a device used to cool down the phone, manufacturers put cooling technology into their products. Because the more powerful phones are, the more heat they generate.

Today’s smartphones are made with the same capabilities as a handheld computer. They are extremely powerful with performance even higher than older PCs.

Without a cooling system, high temperatures will damage components, reduce the life of the phone and in the worst case can cause an explosion.

2. Cooling mechanism on the phone

The biggest barrier to stopping phones from using more powerful processors is not the technology, but the battery and heat.

The design on today’s phones is usually a block, the heat dissipation will face a lot of difficulties compared to many other devices because the heat is difficult to escape. Therefore, the most common way to dissipate heat when the machine heats up is that the processor will automatically lower the clock speed, helping to cool the chip due to slower operation, thereby helping the machine to be cooler.

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If the heat generated exceeds the safe threshold of the machine, the machine will automatically turn off to ensure the safety of the user.
3. Effect of heat dissipation

Heatsink simply means cooling. Without a cooling system, high temperatures will damage components, reduce the life of the phone and in the worst case can cause an explosion.

Thermal management products are designed to reduce or reduce heat generated by frequently operating electronic equipment, to improve their reliability and prevent failures.

Thanks to the cooling system, you can play heavy games without overheating, lag, or freeze.

4. Why is heat dissipation important?

The demand for mobile phones is increasing day by day, because phones can now do many tasks that were previously only possible on computers, and at the same time, countless graphic games for mobile were born. survival game series…

Those things require mobile devices to have more powerful processors. When the phone runs heavy applications, more heat is generated and it becomes more challenging to find a solution.
5. What is active heatsink and passive heatsink? Active heatsink The oldest and most widely used passive heat dissipation methods are Heat Sink and Heat Spreader. Heat Sink is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from a device. Often manufacturers use a heat-conducting metal, such as aluminum or copper, that is physically attached to the heat-generating component. Passive heatsink

The current passive heatsink is working very well. Since it produces less noise, this way of heat dissipation is also unlikely to fail suddenly and requires no power.

Meanwhile, active cooling technologies help reduce temperatures faster and more efficiently, but often have the disadvantage of size, and cost, namely cooling fans for mobile.

6. Popular heat dissipation technologies

Liquid cooling (Water cooling)

Steam cooling systems work by condensing. When the processor overheats, the liquid evaporates, keeping the CPU cool. This vapor is transferred to the end of the heat pipe, where it condenses into a liquid.

This process works together with TIM (Thermal Interface Material) carbon fiber which will be very effective to cool down the phone hardware.

Carbon Heatsink

The heat pipe on the smartphone is reinforced with durable Carbon fiber material and increases the heat dissipation efficiency many times.

The system of carbon fiber-coated copper pipes located on the right half of the machine will conduct heat from the processor to the wider part of the case, from where they will be dispersed to the environment easily.

One of the uses of Carbon heatsinks is as a phone sticker.

In addition, depending on the company, it also adds an AI artificial intelligence mode, allowing the machine to automatically adjust performance for each game and application as needed.

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Heat dissipation by external fan

Cooling with an external fan is often used on computers, but with phones, the cooling fan works by connecting to the phone or the power source via a USB cable.

However, you should connect to a power source instead of plugging it directly into the phone as this will drain the battery faster.


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7. TOP 6 best cooling fans for phones in 2021

Cooling fan K02

Designed with gaming quality but extremely compact and convenient. With 4000 rpm rotation speed, semiconductor cooling, super good water cooling effect, you can quickly cool down your mobile phone, cooling it directly when powered on without waiting.

K02 is equipped with 5 propellers, DC motor noise reduction operation so that your phone won’t overheat when used for a long time, protect the phone battery, can greatly reduce the loss of phone battery and prolong battery life.

Xiaomi Black Shark Funcooler Pro cooling fan

With an extremely personal and super eye-catching design with a vivid 12-color RGB led strip.

Rotation speed reaches 6200 rpm, equipped with 147 cooling columns, Black Shark FunCooler Pro has the ability to reduce heat extremely quickly, reducing 14 degrees Celsius after just 1 minute and can reduce up to 25 degrees Celsius when used. This cooling fan has a rotation speed twice that of a conventional helicopter propeller.

Flydigi WASP Wing cooling fan

Has a minimum size of 4 inches, can be installed vertically or horizontally on the phone. The fan has built-in beautiful RGB LED lights, which can be customized to turn on / off and change the color of the lights, the light changes according to the rhythm, visually stimulating when in use.

Flydigi WASP Wing has a rotation speed of 4500 rpm, equipped with 3 gears to change engine speed, fresh stable suction structure. This will help your phone never overheat when playing games continuously for hours.

Flydigi Wasp Wing Pro 2 . cooling fan

Funcooler 2 Pro is made from semiconductor materials used in aviation technology with very high durability. RGB LEDs and a nice temperature display add to the overall aesthetic.

In terms of performance, with 7 fan blades and automatic control chip providing excellent cooling, the temperature can reach -7.2 degrees Celsius in just 7 minutes.

Memo DL01 cooling fan

The Memo DL01 cooling fan can cool more than 10 – 30°C in about half an hour, reducing the phone’s temperature by 40% when playing games, effectively solving the problem of overheating or touch disturbances.

The fan is used for both iOS and Android phones, the width is about 2.56 – 3.35 inches.
Possessing a rotation speed of up to 7500 rpm, this is a powerful heat dissipation capacity, helping the phone not to overheat when playing games or using it continuously. Memo DL05 . cooling fan Memo DL05 is an upgraded cooling fan model compared to the DL01 above, with additional functions such as RGB leds or temperature display. With fan speed 7500 rpm. This is also a powerful night-time performance that helps your phone improve heat while in use.


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