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What is an electrical engineer Explore electrical engineer job description

What is an electrical engineer?

Electrical engineer is understood as a person in charge of handling electrical systems, regularly checking, maintaining and repairing related machinery and equipment such as ventilation, fire alarm, cooling, heating systems for projects. construction project. With modern social life, electricity plays a very important role in human life.

Whether it is roads, constructions to buildings, residential areas, all need electricity. Understanding the role of electricity, many young people have chosen to work as electrical engineers to develop their careers with many promotion opportunities and accompanying benefits.

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Full electrical engineer job description

Investigate the project and come up with an electrical construction plan

Most of the electrical equipment from the lighting system to other utilities accounts for half of the building system. Therefore, construction survey becomes an important task for electrical engineers. From the detailed drawings provided by the construction side about the structure of the work, the electrical engineer will survey the ground through the sketch to choose where to place the generator or the power supply station.

To do it correctly, electrical engineers need to know the structure of the work and the execution plan of the work. If the work does not match, it will cause both parties to lose time to repair or destroy.
The electrical engineer will have to submit to the management board after fully recording the survey steps, together with the building structure party, there is an appropriate electrical construction plan, the works managed by the engineer and architect. comply with regulations, do not overlap.

Break down the volume, make statistics of materials, make project projects

Based on the design of the electrical system, the electrical engineer will realize it so that the project can be executed on schedule without missing or wasted materials and labor. All of these things need electrical engineers to know how to break down the volume to be able to count materials and make construction projects.
The numbers related to specific material problems will be given by the engineer according to the correct items according to the design for each project to transfer to the direct construction department such as:

Diameter size

Number of devices to use

Number of employees responsible for project construction

Gene tube type, wire type

Construction project execution time

Estimated cost for materials and construction

Electrical system design

The electrical engineer will undertake the design of the electrical system for the project after conducting the survey and analyzing each item with other departments. Rely on specialized software to check each work item that can simulate the electrical system that is about to be installed. Each different power transmission line will be suitable for the power consumption of each different item. The investor will review the drawings and designs after they are completed so that they can give additional suggestions for modification and improvement.
Choosing the right materials for each project

Playing the role in charge of electricity treatment, in addition to the professional role in design, the electrical engineer also advises the investor on the types of construction materials that are both economical and quality. Not only that, the electrical engineer will also contact the material distributor to sign a contract to provide electrical materials.
From a supervisory perspective, electrical engineers also manage labor issues and project status to ensure the completion schedule is the same as the design.

Construction manual

Depending on the size of each company, the problem of handling the power system will be in many different ways. For small projects, electrical engineers will stand out to deploy the design to build the system. As for large projects, there will be a separate team or group in charge of electrical assembly. Whether it is direct or indirect electrical construction, the first priority is electrical safety.
Regular periodic maintenance and inspection of electrical systems

The inspection and maintenance of the electrical system at the works as assigned by the superiors to ensure safety problems and troubleshoot equipment. Usually, this work will be done by electrical engineers fresh out of school.

Like other departments, sometimes electrical engineers also have to do unexpected work assigned by their superiors or make periodic reports on work.

Above is all the information that Job Search Engineer would like to introduce to you to understand clearly what an electrical engineer is and the duties and functions of this job. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge to pursue your favorite work.


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