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What is iPad What to do How many types are there (updated 2021)

With more and more smart device lines appearing on the market, creating great competition in modern device lines including iPad. So what is iPad and to learn more about the iPad lines on the market, follow this article!

1. What is an iPad?

– Concept

iPad is a type of tablet computer manufactured by Apple, running the iOS operating system. This is a combination of a smartphone and a laptop. Its function is similar to iPhone. In the case of an iPad with additional peripherals, the iPad is like a compact laptop.

The device has a touch screen and a virtual keyboard. Almost all iPads can connect to WiFi, some even have a cellular data connection.

– Uses

This is the perfect version of the connection between the phone and the laptop, so it is very convenient to carry.

With a compact, luxurious design with full features, iPad has become the effective arm of users at work.

+ iPad is popular to use for purposes such as entertainment, study, work, …

2. How many types of iPad

Currently, Apple has launched all four iPad lines: iPad Pro, iPad Air, regular iPad, and iPad Mini. Let’s briefly go through each iPad line!

iPad là gì? Dùng để làm gì? Có bao nhiêu loại? (cập nhật 2021) -

– iPad Pro

This is the most modern and advanced line of tablets.

iPad Air. This is the most optimized iPad. regular iPad

This is Apple’s most popular and most popular line of iPads .iPad Mini

This is a compact but still fully functional version of the design.

3. Popular iPad models by model number

– iPad A1822

It belongs to the 5th generation of regular iPad, using A9 chip, 2 cores, 64 bits, 1.84GHz. iPad A1822 has fingerprint recognition on the Home button.

– iPad A1709

Belongs to the first generation of the iPad Pro series and uses the powerful A10X chip with very thin bezels. This iPad 1709 also comes with Touch ID and other special features, including the Apple Pencil.

– iPad A1567

Part of the second generation iPad Air series, it uses the powerful 9.7-inch A8X chip. With the ideal size and weight, iPad A1567 helps users hold, operate easily, read news, and play games for longer periods of time without getting tired.

– iPad A1475

Part of the first generation iPad Air series, it features an A7 processor chip, iOS 9 operating system, and a 9.7-inch size that provides plenty of space for operation and entertainment. In addition, iPad A1475 has a more spacious on-screen virtual keyboard.

5. History of iPad

– iPad Pro Series

+ iPad Pro M1 (in 2021). This is the route to the emergence of the chip M1 in the iPad Pro, with two versions of the 8-core CPU. 11-inch and 12.9-inch. For the first time, the new iPad Pro is upgraded to 2TB of storage and supports 5G connectivity for extremely fast data download speeds.

+ iPad Pro 11 (2020). This is an improved version compared to the 2018 version. The screen is beautiful, sharp and color-accurate, along with powerful hardware and an improved camera system. The iPad Pro 2020 comes with the A12Z Bionic processor and the GPU is bumped up to 8 cores. Apple says this will enable more stable gaming with 120Hz refresh rates, support for 4K rendering in video editing apps, and improved AR performance.

+ iPad Pro 4 (2018). This is the line where Apple introduced two versions of the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Both versions have a new design with reduced screen bezels. iPad Pro 4 uses the USB Type-C port instead of the Lightning port. What makes this line different is that it uses Face ID instead of Touch ID. In addition, this fourth generation iPad Pro is compatible with peripheral devices such as keyboard, pencil 2.

+ iPad Pro 3 (2017). This is a series with a screen size of about 10.5 inches. Has an A10X Fusion processor and M10 motion coprocessor. Has similarities to the iPad Pro 2, still uses the Smart Connector connector and is compatible with the keyboard and pencil.

+ iPad Pro 2 (2016). This is a series with a screen size of 9.7 inches. A special feature is the use of the first True Tone technology screen of the iPad series. The processor remains the same, with the A9X chip.

+ iPad Pro 1 (2015). This is the first iPad Pro series to appear with a screen size of 12.9 inches. There is a 4-speaker audio setup with a 64-bit A9X chip. 6.9 mm thin iPad Pro has a smart connector that connects to a dedicated keyboard, allowing power and data transfer.

– iPad Air Series

+ iPad Air 2 (2014). At just 6.1 mm thin, this iPad Air series is Apple’s thinnest iPad. the rear camera has been improved with the use of an iSight camera that recognizes faces. In addition, the iPad Air 2 uses the A8X chip to provide extremely high efficiency. Not only that, it also uses Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

+ iPad Air 1 (2013). The thin and light design uses a retina screen to bring clear images. Meanwhile, the screen bezel of iPad Air 1 is reduced.

Regular iPad series + iPad 6th generation (2018). This is the latest series of the regular iPad with the A10 Fusion chip. The camera system is unchanged compared to the older version. iPad 6 has the same weight and size as iPad 5. In addition, users can easily use a pencil. + iPad 5th generation (2017). This is the product line from Apple that uses the A9 chip, 2 cores, 64 bits, 1.84 GHz. The camera system has been upgraded compared to the previous version. In terms of design, iPad 5 has more weight. The back is curved for easier grip. iPad 5 supports fingerprint recognition with the Home button.

+ iPad 4th generation (2012). This is an iPad series with a 9.7-inch retina screen, the latest A6X chip, and a much upgraded front-facing camera compared to previous versions. iPad 4 retains the same old design as the previous series.

+ iPad 3rd generation (2012). This is a series with a retina screen and an A5X processor. It was also the first device to use 4G (LTE). In terms of design, there are front and rear cameras. Weighs like the iPad 2.

+ iPad 2nd generation (2011). This is a relatively lighter sized series compared to the original iPad, still keeping the old shape with the Home button at the bottom. iPad 2 uses Apple’s A5 dual core 1Ghz chip to help the front and rear cameras take better photos.

+ iPad first generation (2010). This was released on i

– iPad Mini Series

+ iPad Mini 4 (2014). This is the latest version of the iPad Mini. Compared with the previous series, iPad Mini 4 is much lighter, weighing only 298.8g. The thinness is also reduced to 6.1mm. iPad Mini 4 uses Apple’s A8X chip and is powerfully equipped. In addition, the rear camera system has been upgraded from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels.

+ iPad Mini 3 (2013). This is a product line that is not much different from the previous lines in terms of configuration and design. To distinguish the iPad Mini 2 from the 3 series, the device can be identified by its color. iPad Mini 3 adds a copper-gold color accompanied by the familiar gray and white.

+ iPad Mini 2 (2013). This is a more powerful series than the iPad mini 1. iPad Mini 2 is a bit heavier at 331 grams and is also 0.3 meters thicker. The design remains the same compared to the previous series. However, iPad mini 2 uses a retina display to provide a crisp visual experience.

+ iPad mini 1st generation (2012). This is the first line of iPad mini versions released at the end of 2012. iPad mini 1 has a compact design, a relatively small 7.9-inch screen, and weighs. Only 308 grams. Uses A5 processor.

4. should you buy an iPad? The answer is. Depending on the purpose of use, we buy an iPad. – Use iPad to study. It is recommended to buy iPad to support learning because iPad has many useful learning support software such as. Evernote, Paper, Goodreader, iA Writer, SimpleMind

+ Perform work related to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. + Read documents easily, especially in PDF format. + Access the web from anywhere, so you can do your work more easily and conveniently. + There are many apps that support utilities such as: iWork Pages, iWork Numbers,. However, when choosing an iPad for work, you need to be aware of the nature of the work and the ability to connect to other devices. In addition, the iPad series has a relative screen size that will be more convenient at work. – Using the iPad for entertainment: – Using the iPad for work.

+ Your entertainment needs will be easier and more enjoyable when using the iPad.

+ A sharp, wide screen with multi-touch, atmospheric viewing angles that make watching movies, reading newspapers, or playing games easier and more fun.

+ Connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere to serve entertainment needs in the fastest way possible.

+ Many modern and rich applications.


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