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1. Office workers often have to use Office

I see that most office work needs today revolve around having to edit documents, using Excel, Powerpoint. For these tasks, the iPad can handle it well, with iPadOS 14, Apple has added wireless mouse connectivity. So, if you buy a bluetooth mouse + keyboard combo and connect to your iPad, you can use it like a normal computer. Personally, I find that typing on the iPad’s keyboard is more enjoyable than some Windows computers.

iPad now also supports both Google Suites and Microsoft Office, Google suites for those who prioritize convenience, all documents will be saved to the cloud, so whichever device is logged in to your Google account you can access and edit very quickly, can also share for colleagues to see and edit. As for Microsoft Office for those who like security, of course it will not be as convenient as Google Suites because all files are saved right on the computer, no one can access it. In this test, I used both and found that there were no significant feature shortcomings when compared to the desktop version. Excel alone will be missing the Pivot Table feature (a pivot table) and VBA macros (programming to automate operations), these features are quite advanced, so I think ordinary excel users will rarely have to use this.

Personally, I’m using iPad Pro 11 2018 with Apple Pencil 2 and Magic KeyBoard, I use that combo to write this review and do some market research Excel articles. I have to admit that, for office work, the iPad can easily do everything that a traditional computer can do, there is only one thing that I am not familiar with is the multimedia interface. responsibility of the iPad. I am a person who has a habit of opening many tabs with chaotic windows so I can do many things at once, but with iPad, I can only open 3 applications at the same time – 2 apps in split screen mode and 1 app minimized, this is quite claustrophobic for me but everyone is different so that’s just my personal opinion

Logitech Crayon iPadille – Apple Digital Pencil -tekniikka

2. Students, students

I think this audience would be best served using iPads. Apple itself also focuses on iPad advertising aimed at students, pupils and young users in general. This is because these people do not have a high need for computers, mostly just to surf the internet, do homework, write articles, and take notes …….

For students, an iPad is more than enough. When I was an international student in the U.S., I tried to use only an iPad and an Apple pencil and Magic Keyboard for a 10-week semester instead of my MacBook Pro 13. Because there I also saw many people taking notes on iPads and almost the whole class didn’t have a single piece of paper. I was quite surprised at the end of the academic year because I had the highest GPA during that time. The reason for this is that the iPad is especially handy when you want to take notes, I can quickly type in definitions of new words, and when the professor gives examples, I can listen and draw examples for later reference. This makes it easier to learn and more intuitive.

During these 10 weeks, I mainly used Microsoft OneNote, which has the advantage that it saves my work to the cloud. So I can review articles from anywhere and just open OneNote on my phone and get everything I’ve written right away. Also, if you want security and more writing features, you can refer to the Noteability app. I tried that app, but I personally found it a bit inconvenient that my articles couldn’t be synced to the cloud. I also think it’s pretty cool that our math professor at school also only uses iPad and Apple Pencil connected to a projector for his lectures, but his lectures are very easy to understand and that class doesn’t have to be repeated.

The fact that iPadOS supports both Google Suite and Microsoft Office also makes homework and paper writing very easy. Especially on the 4G LTE version of iPad, you can sit anywhere and write your paper without connecting to Wifi. every day when you go to school, you don’t have to lazily put both your book and notebook in your school bag, just download the book to iPad and you can read and take notes at the same time, it’s very convenient, just carry an iPad in your pocket is enough.

3. Painter, designer

Personally, I don’t have much artistic talent, but I am very fortunate that my father is a painter and designer who currently only uses the iPad for design and work. Since the iPad became available, my father’s MacBook Pro 15 is used less and less. In my father’s words, the iPad is nice and convenient. Now you don’t have to carry around a bunch of paper and paints, just equip yourself with an iPad and a stylus and you can have every type of pen and paint in the world. The designs are also stored in the machine, so if you have any ideas, you can always draw them without running to find paper.

Not only my father, but also those studying digital art and design find it as natural and familiar to draw on an iPad as it is to draw on paper. This is because Apple has greatly reduced the latency of the pen when writing and drawing to just 9 milliseconds, so interacting with the iPad with the stylus feels much faster than with other tablets. In addition, the iPad comes with a high-quality display as a reference screen with accurate colors, which is important for artists because they can easily visualize their work…

The iPad now also supports many Adobe software, most notably Artist, Photoshop, Lightroom, Fresco. In addition, if you don’t like the complexity of Adobe, you can use Procreate, an application that will have fewer features but a more intuitive interface and easier to use. Lightroom inherits all the features of a computer application. In Photoshop, you can only edit and transfer photos, but not draw. To draw, you have to use Procreate or Adobe Fresco. all of these applications support keyboard shortcuts when connected to a Bluetooth keyboard, so you can edit with your left hand and draw with your right, which is very convenient.

I tried to draw with Procreate to show you how easy it is to create artwork on the iPad. Please note that I have never drawn digital art before, and I only drew this picture in 30 minutes.

4. TV producer, creative writer

Another audience that I feel is very comfortable using the iPad is those who work in TV-related jobs, such as journalists, newsmakers, TV writers, those who have to travel a lot to write. I find that for them, mobility in the workplace is paramount. They can work anywhere, go to remote places without modern facilities, but can continue to work as usual.

These people need a small, lightweight computer with a long battery life, because sometimes they have to work for many days away from an electrical outlet. Therefore, the iPad is too good for journalists because it weighs less than 1 kg, but the battery lasts for 2 days. Moreover, once the battery runs out, you can plug the iPad into a power bank, which is very convenient.


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