20+ Cats Caught Sleeping in The Strangest Places

You can’t stop a cat from sleeping. In fact, cats can sleep more than 16 hours a day and we aren’t kidding. Every cat owners know that their fluffy babies can actually find any spot comfortable.

As some say, if cats can fit in it, they’ll definitely sleep and own that spot. What a life! Who wouldn’t want to spend their days just sleeping around and eating?

Though one of their funniest and weirdest qualities is their choice of positions and places to sleep. They hate regular sleeping habits; they want to make sure that they would try different positions and places. What else can you do other than make your sleeping habits exciting?

From sleeping on top of cucumbers to sleeping next to dried shrimps in the market – these cats have their priorities set. That’s why we have gathered some of the funniest and weirdest cats who were caught sleeping in the strangest positions and places. Enjoy!


Written by Duong Duong

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