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    Rescued Baby Orangutan Shows Off Her First Teeth

    She’s the bravest little girl. Popi was only a few weeks old when she was found all alone and helpless on a palm oil plantation in Borneo. “She didn’t have any teeth,” Yuyun Mangoensoekardjo, communications manager for the Center for Orangutan Protection (COP), told The Dodo. “[She was] just crying.” No orangutan mother would leave a baby […] More

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    12 Amazing Book Page Projects

    Do you love repurposing old things into something new and pretty? The fact that book pages are paper makes them easy to use in a variety of projects, and the text on the pages adds an extra level of visual interest not found in normal solid-color paper. Also, book page upcycles are incredibly inexpensive ways […] More

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    Unique Ways To Reuse Dried Flowers

    May it be the loving occasion of anniversary or the moment when you step ahead with your feelings on your hand in the form of flowers; flowers are always the most significant part of major life events. Proposing someone without wanting to say a word, red rose does that best and decorating your lovely space, name […] More

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    17 Driftwood Crafts You Can Make At Home

    Calling all beach combers! Driftwood is a hot commodity these days! You’d think that since I live near the beach that I would have buckets full of driftwood. Well sadly I don’t. It is actually very hard to find driftwood along the shores of southern Virginia and N.C. But if you blessed to live along […] More

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    Amazing DIY Decor Projects To Make Your House Prettier

    I love a good “instant gratification” project every now and then. We do our fair share of long, drawn-out, seemingly never-ending projects around here, but there’s definitely something to be said for a project that you can sit down and do in just a few minutes. The type of project where you end up with […] More

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    How to Make Seasonally Inspired Candles

    Words: Johanna LovePhoto Credit: The Candle Issue Some places in the world wear their seasonal hearts on their sleeves, with the weather shifts being apparent and dramatic. Other places with more temperate climates have very subtle seasonal changes, apparent not in the skies but in the small corners of the garden. Either way, it is usually up […] More

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