16 Pictures Prove That Every Child Should Grow Up With A Dog

As a rambunctious kid, a huge part of my family was our lovable dogs. We grew up together, played together and those two sweet Yorkies were basically my siblings.

I’m realizing now that they might have been much more than that. Perhaps, there were things my furry friends (named Sugar and Spice) taught me outside of petting and playing in the yard.  Perhaps their unconditional snuggling (love) gave me a prime example to carry through life.

Take a look at these 23 kids and their adorable dogs… it might make you want to get a new pup real soon!

1. When a kid grows up with a dog, they learn certain things.

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2. Things like being scared of the dark is okay,

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3. Because they’ll have someone to snuggle with.

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4. There’s such a thing as unconditional love

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5. And that it’s okay to be vulnerable.

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6. Falling down is part of life…

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7. But there will be someone to pick them up.

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8. It’s okay to lean on others,

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9. To let people take care of them,

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10. And give them a hug

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11. That you can have a lot of friends

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12. And still cherish those who are most dear.

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13. They learn to enjoy all of life’s happy moments…

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14. No matter how big…

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15. Or how small.

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16. It’s important to absorb tangible lessons

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Written by Duong Duong

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