10+ Pretty Scandinavian-Inspired Ideas For Your Bedroom

Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms are cozy and inviting during this season of the year when you most want to be curled up in bed for winter warmth. If you live in an area where your winters and summers are severe, you will appreciate a warm bedroom in the winter with extra insulation and comfort, and in the summer, you can opt for lighter fabrics.

Warm bedding, an abundance of wood, attractive wood floors, soft rugs, or textured coverings are some ideas that will help you decorate and turn up the temperature in your bedroom. You can also visually shelter the bedroom by covering the headboard wall with wallpaper – there are textile designs that are very cozy – with wooden slats if you want to give it more personality or paint a wall, wrapping your space in warmth.

Copy any of these Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms to infuse winter warmth into your bedroom this holiday season!

1. Winter Warmth While Watching The Snow Fall.

If you add wood paneling and a roof window to your attic bedroom, you will immediately add warmth and charm. Have you noticed how well blue and beige get on in bedding? Choose the first for the sheets and the second for the blankets, as the decorator Angie Escur Pujol has done here. (via Angie Escur Pujol)


2. Extra Warmth With a Wood Panelled Wall.

It is an option that not only shelters the bedroom but also decorates and adds character to the room. The headboard wall is covered with an old chestnut and oak wood with an ultra-matt varnish to give it a special touch. (via El Mueble)


3. An Upholstered Velvet Headboard.

An upholstered velvet headboard, like this one, will always look more comfortable than a wood one. The interior designer has combined it with delightful bedding and a layering of pillows. The result is warm and cozy. See the rest of this home here: Cozy rustic cabin in Spain adorned with Scandinavian Christmas decor. (via El Mueble)


4. Hibernate in a Cabin Style Bedroom.

There is nothing like wood to feel warm and protected in your bedroom. Cabin style provides the best representation of winter hibernation. Don’t you feel like getting into bed, snuggling up in the duvet, and enjoying snowy views, like this one! (via El Mueble)


5. Layering Warm Textures.

In your winter bedroom, opt for texture on an accent wall that gives it warmth. The headboard wall is actually wallpaper! The window frames and the cantilevers are composed of wood, matching the beams. (via Marina&Co)


6. Add Cozy Rugs.

Climbing into bed and quickly warming up is possible if you select the right bedding: thermal sheets or microfiber, wool blankets, lambskin, or lighter duvets. When you climb out of bed, lay down a shag rug so that the first step is as pleasant as possible. You can place a large one that covers the entire surface of the bed, one on each side or at your feet. You can also take advantage of it to sit on it, if you have a viewing window, like the one in the image. The tree wallpaper is by Cole & Son. (via El Mueble)


7. Plush Pillows For Winter Warmth.

Plush cushions and neutral tones will help to increase the feeling of warmth in winter bedrooms. Raw materials such as velvet, cotton, viscose, wool, hair, are easy to combine and durable over time. This very inviting bedroom makes you want to get into bed and cozy up with all of those pillows! (via Nordika Chalets)


8.  Scandinavian-Inspired Bedroom With Chromatic Harmony.

If you select an upholstered headboard and a dark-colored bench for your bedroom, then you should opt for bedding in neutral and soft tones. The interior designer combined white sheets with warm mustard bedspreads and cushions, warm up an atmosphere that was too sober. (via Interior Designer Laura Mas)


9. Warmth of Wood.

In ceilings, floors, and walls, wood completely covers this bedroom, as if it were embracing it. The result is a super cozy bedroom with a spirit of refuge. If you dress it in warm textiles, you may never wish to get out of bed! (via Carmen Caubet)


10. Super Warmth With A Cabin Look.

Everything in this bedroom invites you to snuggle while it snows outside. If we add a warm bed with mohair blankets, linen, and plenty of cushions to the log-walled cabin — which gives it a very authentic look of a mountain retreat — the result could not be cozier. (via El Mueble)


11. A Cozy White Bedroom.

Who says a white bedroom can’t look warm and cozy? This one has been wrapped in wood that, although painted, lends extra comfort to this bedroom oasis. Heavy textiles, such as the large wool blanket, will keep you warm during a cold winter’s night. (via Rivièra Maison)


12. Select Warm Lighting.

Artificial lighting plays a very important role when it comes to visually warming up this attic space. If you also light some candles, you will create a more intimate atmosphere. The wooden headboard was custom fabricated, designed by architect Cristina Carbonell. The ceiling is clad in pine wood. (via Mi Casa)


13. Cozy In Cool Tones.

If you play with wood, as shown here, you will create a visually cozy aesthetic. It will also be very versatile: with light bedding, it will appear cooler in summer. See the rest of this home here: Dreamy Nordic log cabin retreat in the middle of a Spanish forest. (via El Mueble)


14. The Warmth Of A Wooden Floor.

Wood is a warm material to the eye and to the touch. When you step on it in winter with bare feet, the heat stays on the surface and makes it much more pleasant. (via El Mueble)


15. Scandinavian-Inspired Bedroom With Plaid.

Plaid prints are very wintery. Incorporate them into your bedroom scheme in warm tones, like the cushions and bedding pictured above, combined in chocolate brown and garnet. Add textured wallpaper, a wooden bedside table, and a fiber lamp, you will instantly raise the temperature of the bedroom. (via El Mueble)


16. Winter Bedroom With A Fireplace.

In your winter bedroom, a fireplace will keep you warm a night. If it is not real, you can put in a decorative one. The feeling of well-being is going to be the same. In this room, the designer respected the exposed stone on one of the walls, which serves as a natural temperature thermostat. The wool and lamb blankets and the pickled wood built-in wardrobe lends a rustic air to the environment. (via Pablo González)


17. Layer Bedding.

Create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom by layering bedding, adding plush pillows, and a stove to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night! (via @micasa_deco)


Source: Onekindesign

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