23 Cute Cow Photos That Prove They Are Just Big Dogs

When you think of a man’s best friend, a pet cow is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind! And that’s a shame because these adorable cows are more similar to dogs than you think – and we has made a compilation of photos to prove it!

Just like dogs, these cute cows love to cuddle; they give kisses, get curious, play with a ball, and enjoy good old back rub. And there’s such a variety between them – from huge fluffy cows to tiny miniature cows; there’s an adorable animal for everyone to love. And don’t start us on the charms of baby cows!

We hope this will encourage you to see them as sensitive animals, which they are, and inspire a more ethical treatment of these magnificent creatures.

1. A Cuddly Scottish Cow

2. This Sweet Baby Cow

3. Dogs Love Cows Too

4. Cows Will Be Your Friend If You Treat Them Nicely

5. My Cow Thinks He’s A Dog… We Left The Door Open For 5 Minutes

6. Cow Snuggles

7. Cow Catching Snowflakes On His Tongue

8. So I Was Out Walking My Mini Cow When Howie Mandel Stopped For A Picture

9. Cows Are Extremely Curious Creature

Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures

10. Baby Cow That Likes To Cuddle

11. Cows Love Being Cuddled

12. Happy Cows Returning To The Pasture After A Long Winter In The Cow Shed

13. Cows Are Very Affectionate

14. Sitting Like A Dog

Sitting Like A Dog

15. Radar Is Now 11 Months Old But Still Loves His Dog Bed

16. Little Cow Looks So Happy

17. Cow Loves Rolling His Bale Of Hay

18. Who Doesn’t Like Back Scratches?

19. Naps And Cuddles

20. Cows Make Great Companions

21. Herbie Gets A New Ball

22. We Found Oliver’s Favorite Spot To Be Scratched

23. Smile

Written by Duong Duong

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