17 Driftwood Crafts You Can Make At Home

Calling all beach combers! Driftwood is a hot commodity these days! You’d think that since I live near the beach that I would have buckets full of driftwood. Well sadly I don’t. It is actually very hard to find driftwood along the shores of southern Virginia and N.C. But if you blessed to live along a coastline that has a bounty of driftwood, then take advantage of it! (Or better yet… box it up and ship it to me!!) Today I have 15 Driftwood Crafts that I absolutely fell in love with and that you can make for your home. Check them out and add a bit of the coast to your decor!

1. Driftwood Starfish via The Wicker House

Driftwood Starfish

2. DIY Driftwood Mirror via City Farm House

DIY Driftwood Mirror

3. Driftwood Orb via Creative in Chicago


4. Driftwood Seahorse via Creative in Chicago


5. Seaglass and Driftwood Craft via The Space Between


6. Driftwood Fish via The Space Between


7. DIY Driftwood Lamp via Something Sweet Design

DIY Driftwood lamp

8. Driftwood Wind Chime via Garden Therapy

Driftwood Wind Chime

9. Driftwood Picture Frame via Beach Grass Cottage

Driftwood Picture Frame

10. Driftwood Seashell Cross via My HoneyPickles

Driftwood Seashell Cross

11. Driftwood Sailboats via Creating a Life

Driftwood Sailboats

12. Driftwood Anchor via Cherished Vintage

Driftwood Anchor

13. Driftwood Candelabra via Vivaterra

Driftwood Candelabra

14. Driftwood Garland via Coastal Home

Driftwood Garland

15. Driftwood Coat Rack via Sunset

Driftwood Coat Rack

16. Driftwood Christmas Tree via Kara Rosenlund

Driftwood Christmas Tree

17. Driftwood Votive Holder via Restoration House

Driftwood Votive Holder

Written by Duong Duong

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