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    ‘Dead’ Dog On Side Of Road Lifts Her Head To Tell Woman She’s Alive

    “There was no way I was leaving without her.” Earlier this month, Judy Obregon was driving around Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, an infamous dumping ground for unwanted dogs, when she saw a dog’s body lying motionless on the side of the road. “I remember glancing over and thinking, ‘Oh no, another dead dog,’” Obregon, who […] More

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    16 Pictures Prove That Every Child Should Grow Up With A Dog

    As a rambunctious kid, a huge part of my family was our lovable dogs. We grew up together, played together and those two sweet Yorkies were basically my siblings. I’m realizing now that they might have been much more than that. Perhaps, there were things my furry friends (named Sugar and Spice) taught me outside of […] More

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    Rescue Dog Is Miracle For Dying Kitten

    A rescue story by Erin Crowley On a blistering hot day in August, we discovered a tiny kitten at the edge of life. She was sick, could barely breathe or open her eyes due to a terrible upper respiratory infection, had a big bloated tummy from tape worms, and was covered in fleas on every […] More

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    30 Cute Before & After Pics Of Dogs Growing Up

    Time flies by so fast, especially when we’re watching our little canine friends grow up. It seems like just yesterday, I brought the little puppy that could barely fit in my hands home, and now he’s all grown up… Can you relate? You’re not alone! A few days ago, we asked Bored Panda users to […] More

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    Community Comes Together to Save Neglected Puppy Tethered Outside

    This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog! It takes a village to save a child or an animal, and this was demonstrated during the late night hours of September 14th, 2016. A puppy named Sassy […] More

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    Dog And Rescue Bunny Become BFFs And Do Everything Together

    When Jessica welcomed Roman into her home, he was a lot to handle! The dog had so much energy and was incredibly clumsily. In fact, in an interview with The Dodo, Jessica described Roman as a “bull in a China shop.” Despite his big personality, he also had a sweet and gentle nature. When Jessica was […] More

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    Rescue dog that nobody wanted saves life of new owner

    The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey is a shelter of last resort.   “Our purpose is really to take the ones that don’t have anywhere else to go. And that was Sadie,” said executive director Megan Brinster.  Sadie was nearly 100 pounds and she wasn’t great with men, which is why three other shelters […] More

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    Starving Pit Bull Found Chained To Tree Becomes The Sweetest Dog

    A Pit Bull found chained to a tree outside abandoned home has made a remarkable recovery thanks to her rescuers. Officer Nick, with Fulton County Animal Control in Georgia found the dog after responding to a call. Her neck was badly cut from the chain wound tightly around her neck and she was starving. The […] More

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