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Coway AP-3008FH . air purifier details

The Coway AP-3008FH air purifier scores points for its modern design, efficient 5-step air purification system, and an operating range that covers up to 99 square meters of the home. On this device, the Korean manufacturer has integrated many power-saving modes to optimize operating capacity.

Coway AP-3008FH . Air Purifier

Máy Lọc Không Khí Coway AP-3008FH Giá Tốt | Nguyễn Kim

Efficient operation in a large space of 100 meters

If you need an air purifier that can be used in large spaces such as offices, companies or halls, the Kovac AP-3008FH will be the best choice. Thanks to the powerful motor, the unit will run continuously to help you purify the space within 100 meters from where it is located.

Responsive air sensor for optimized operation

The Coway AP-3008FH is equipped with a sensitive air sensor that can effectively measure the concentration of pollutants. The product will display the pollution level indicator by the color of the indicator light for the user to view and adjust the operation mechanism accordingly. The green light indicates clean air, the purple light indicates light pollution, the pink light indicates moderate pollution level and the red light indicates high pollution level.

Sensor Cove Air Purifier AP-3008FH

Multiple operation modes for your choice

Kewei has integrated a variety of operation modes for users to choose for AP-30008FH. You can freely select the modes of automatic, deodorization, silent or energy saving. In each mode, the Coway AP-3008FH automatically adjusts the motor to achieve the appropriate optimal performance. If you want the unit to operate on its own, without too much operation, you can choose the automatic mode.

Using artificial intelligence to adjust airflow

The manufacturer applies artificial intelligence (AI) technology to air circulation to help coordinate the flow of filtered fresh air and spread it around so that everyone feels comfortable when there is air circulation. Coway AP-3008FH is present in the space. This is an advantage to help you avoid the effects of urban pollution on your health and the quality of your daily life.

Smooth-running DC motor

Thanks to the use of a modern DC motor, the Coway AP-3008FH does not make much noise during operation. Thanks to this, you can set up the unit in your office, conference room or home break space without worrying about the noise affecting everyone. Safety mode will automatically turn off the power when the lid is opened to avoid accidental damage during use.

Advanced 5-layer membrane air filtration system

Coway AP-3008FH air purifier uses Korean technology to purify the air through 5 different filters. It can be mentioned as.

Pre-filter. Filters out coarse impurities as well as hair and animal hair.

Non-woven filter. Increases the ability to filter dust.

Disinfection filter. Filters harmful bacteria and viruses.

Deodorizing filter. Removes odors, tobacco odors, and harmful chemicals.

HEPA filter. Eliminates 99.99% of viruses and residual bacteria


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