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Detailed evaluation of Coway 4 core water purifier CHP-590R

Coway CHP-590R water purifier has a modern ultra-thin design, very suitable for the needs of modern families and offices. The product provides 5 smart water filtration steps to ensure you maintain a clean source of drinking water. In addition, Coway CHP-590R also brings convenience with the ability to heat water and distribute water temperature according to each mode.

Đánh giá máy lọc nước Coway CHP-590R có đáng để mua hay không?

Adding a modern look to offices and homes

Compared to most water purifiers on the market, the Coway CHP-590R has a striking appearance. The Korean manufacturer chose the most cylindrical body design and used two neutral colors, black and white, to create a highlight in the aesthetic structure. the CHP-590R is highlighted by its slim body size and modern faucet. We are sure that every member of your family will be impressed with the appearance of this product.

Hot and cold water on demand

The Kauai CHP-590R doesn’t just provide a solution for water filtration, it is also a useful means of everyday life when it offers three different water modes, including. Hot Water (90 ~ 97 degrees Celsius), Cold Water (0.) ~ 4 degrees Celsius) and White Water. The product is equipped with two water supply taps with intelligent operating mechanisms. If you are not satisfied with the three default temperature levels provided by the machine, you can mix the water from the faucets to achieve the desired quality.

LED lights are provided to indicate the water level

The CHP-590R water purifier has two typical blue-red LED strips commonly found in Coventry water purifier products. Each LED strip represents the amount of water remaining in the machine, and you can estimate the remaining capacity of cold water (green LED) and hot water (red LED) based on the brightness of the lights.

Smart faucet, easy to remove

The Coway CHP-590R’s faucet is designed to be easily disassembled and cleaned regularly, ensuring that the water poured from the machine is absolutely hygienic. the smart mechanism set up by Coway has a safety lock for the hot water faucet – requiring the user to press a button above the faucet to retrieve the water. Cold water and faucets are usually adjusted via a screw mechanism on the top dial. Thanks to the smart faucet design, Coway’s water purifiers have been very popular for use in domestic spaces.

Very simple push bar

With the goal of simple operation so that every family member can use it, Coway has carefully designed the CHP-590R faucet to be a push-push type. All you need to do is push the spout of the cup onto the lever and the water from the faucet will automatically flow into the cup, extremely simple and convenient.

5 Steps to Safe Water Filtration with Kovac CHP-590R

With 4 Korean standard water purifier cores, Coway CHP-590R applies an effective 5-step filtration process that includes.

Step 1+2: Neo – Sense cores help filter raw impurities, chlorine used in water plants, and organic substances that are harmful to health.

Step 3: The BO Core will continue to filter out smaller sized particles while removing bacteria that float in the water.

Step 4: Core Plus Inno – Sense will restore the water to its original pure taste, while adding minerals to create a delicious and healthy taste.

Step 5: The antibacterial core in the tank will ensure that the filtered water is always clean and ready to reach the user.


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