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Outstanding features of Coway 4 core water purifier CHP-18AR

Detailed evaluation of Coway 4 core water purifier CHP-18AR

Designed and manufactured with a focus on young families with a modern lifestyle, the Coway CPH-18AR water purifier offers an effective 5-step water purification solution with 4 effective filters. In addition, the product is also in charge of supplying hot water directly for essential needs and ensures quality and safety by the Korean Coway brand.

Máy lọc nước RO nóng nguội lạnh Coway CHP-18AR 4 lõi - giá rẻ

Friendly design and youthful appearance

As a well-known brand with a modern and youthful product design, Coventry has carried forward its strengths in designing the CPH-18AR to create one of the most beautiful water purifier models on the market… The product features a friendly design from the use of neutral colors to details such as the safety lever, notification LED and simple operation.

Choose easily among four water modes

The Coway CPH-18AR water purifier gives you four water modes with corresponding temperatures. Hot water, warm water, cold water and room temperature water. You will be free to choose the water temperature to meet your needs at any time. The hot water mode shows convenience if you want to make tea, coffee or brew milk for your baby, while the cold water helps you quench your thirst quickly in summer.

LED light supports effectively at night

In addition to the two rows of small blue/red LEDs on the body for displaying cold/hot water, the Coway CPH-18AR is equipped with a larger LED placed between the two faucets to reflect light into the user’s water intake area. Thanks to this, you will feel comfortable working at night without having to turn on the light to disturb others. The super sensitive light sensor will be responsible for regulating the light on/off to save power.

Friendly and safe operation mechanism

Every detail on the Coway CPH-18AR has been optimized to bring maximum convenience and user-friendliness. In particular, the temperature indicator helps you see the temperature of the water, the rotary button helps users quickly select different modes, and the button design can be removed for cleaning at any time…

Effective anti-scald hot water lock

To protect users from accidental scalding due to hot water issues, Coway has integrated a smart lock mechanism that requires users to press a button above the faucet to access the water. This is a very important feature for families with small children. Thanks to this device, even if a child accidentally presses the hot water faucet, he or she will not be injured because of the water temperature.

Say goodbye to domestic harmful agents

Coway CPH-18AR will filter and eliminate harmful agents very well to ensure that your family has pure, clean drinking water. The device will divide the water purification process into 5 steps and 4 filter cartridges.

Neo-Sense Core. Removes coarse impurities, floating matter in the water, chlorine and organic compounds.

RO Core. Other harmful impurities and very small bacteria will be retained in the RO core.

Core plus Inno – Sense: Helps filter out odors, adds taste to water, and adds purity and great taste.

Antibacterial Core. Ensures that the water in the container is always clean, antibacterial and safe for health


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