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Are you the one who loves your mobile phone and surfs your phone for entertainment? Then this article is for you. Because a cheap phone cooling fan is the savior for your phone to not break down quickly as well as to use a lot smoother.
The phone’s cooling fan is still a bit strange to many people. Because before, we were only used to using cooling fans for laptops and computers.

New phone cooling fan products have been popular in recent years. Because game makers are increasingly using high graphics and heavy applications, the phone quickly heats up the battery, freezes, and the CPU fails quickly. The most effective solution is to buy yourself a cooling fan to cool the phone.

However, before making a purchase decision, you should find out if the fan specifications are compatible with your phone. This article by the company will suggest to you the TOP most popular cheap phone cooling fan in 2021.

Top Most Popular Cheap Phone Cooling Fan 2021

1. Cheap Mobile Cooling Fan M3-P8

Some phones when designing a publishing house, they only focus on the main applications such as making calls or playing games to play games for a long time. This leads to a very bad state of the machine being lagged, hot, annoying as well as uncomfortable for users. The M3-P8 phone cooling fan will do a good job of cooling your phone.

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M3-P8 cheap phone cooling fan uses air cooling technology, that is, uses blower fan blades to cool the phone and expel hot air. M3 cools the phone quickly with a speed of 4000 rounds/minute, which will help keep your phone from getting hot while playing games, watching movies, and so on.

Designed from ABS plastic with a cool and strong black color, the M3 cooling fan scores more points with users. The fan is very compact, so you can take it anywhere you want without being stuck. Moreover, the 2 sides of the M3 fan have a pull-out design to make it easier to install the phone. The mounting size can be used for phones from 3.5in to 6.5in.

The feature I quite like about this fan is not because its price is quite cheap, but because the fan has a rechargeable battery inside. Unlike many cooling fans for other phones that have to use direct power through the wire, this fan has a 500mah battery inside that helps you use 2-3 hours without worrying about running out of battery. On the surface of the cooling fan, there is an on/off switch for easier use.

2. Cooling fan for K02 phone

Using the same air cooling technology as the M3 fan, the K02 cheap phone cooling fan with many small fans inside will help your phone cool down instantly. The fan cycle will also go up to 3500-4000 rpm like the M3. Designed from plastic material to make it easy to mount the phone, the K02 is quite popular with users.

Another plus point is that her price is quite soft, so I think many of you will be able to buy this cooling fan for your phone.

Memo cooling fan: FL01 – DL01 – DL02 –DL05- DL06

This is a group of phone cooling fan products from the Memo house. Fan models DL01, DL02, DL05, DL06 always have a small market share when selling. The brand is a part, but the quality of her sister is worth it for us to try once.

These types of cooling fans are usually slightly more expensive than other phone cooling fans because the manufacturer uses cold fast cooling technology. Many of you still don’t know what cold beef is, but their prices are often higher than other types. Cold clams are super-technological semiconductor wafers called “instant cooling peltiers”.

It uses the principle of absorbing heat on one side and discharging it to the other side, so that the phone’s temperature is higher, it will cool faster thanks to the cold conduction heat sink. Widely used in many types of equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, hot and cold water heaters, cooling fans…

The design of this cooling fan is very eye-catching and sophisticated. The big redundancy details are removed so that it is a compact, fully functional fan. The censored ABS plastic material has also changed from the previous version as some types use a Type C power cord to protect the microphone, inside which is a cold layer to replace the plastic layer of the old version. favored.

3. Cheap phone cooling fan FL01

Cooling fan for phone FL01 is Memo’s line of powerful and best-selling cooling fans. Reaching a speed of 6000 rounds / minute, the led light and cooling system works quite effectively for the phone. It can control 3 fan speeds depending on whether you want to cool the device fast or slow.

ABS plastic design and FL01 fan-mounted base button will help you fix and hold your phone more firmly without worrying about spilling your cheeks. Like the M3 fan, the FL01 also has a battery inside the 500mah fan so you can use it for 3-4 hours comfortably depending on whether you choose a fast or slow cooling mode. The power cord pin will be the microphone pin.

4. Cheap phone cooling fan DL01

Memo DL01 cooling fan with a cold plate inside the fan helps to reduce the phone’s temperature when used faster. Protect your phone from worrying about being quickly consumed by the CPU processor and the CPU using high intensity to generate heat, causing lag, damage to the battery and device components. The fan speed can be up to 7500 rounds/minute, cooling with the cooling plate system, it only takes 0-3 seconds to cool down.

The outstanding feature of this DL01 phone cooling fan is that you can install the phone horizontally or vertically because of the smart design of the fan. The two sides of the phone clip have rubber bands to help protect the phone from getting wet or damaged.

The width of the clamp can be up to 85mm, suitable for many phones and tablets. The included power supply cable will be a 1.5m USB microphone. On the body of the product, there is an on / off button that is easier to use.

5. Cheap phone cooling fan DL02

The design of the DL02 radiator fan is not very different from the DL01. The more advanced difference is that the DL02 uses a newer 2nd generation refrigeration system, the power cord is also split to be more suitable for many devices.

6. Cheap phone cooling fan DL05

The most modern of the Memo about mobile cooling fans is the DL05. This is a cooling fan that uses the most advanced cooling technology. Moreover, on the face of the device, there is an LED light that displays the temperature so that we can know and check the temperature of the device the phone is using. Inside the fan, when in use, it incorporates the most modern gaming standard RGB LEDs.

7. Cheap phone cooling fan DL06

Finally, I have a DL06 cooling fan. The price of this child is softer than that of DL02 and DL05, but the effect it brings is also outstanding. This version has just been released in 2021, so it integrates almost all the advantages of its predecessors such as rgb led, advanced cooling technology, fan speed of 7000 rpm, type C power cord.

The special thing is that the price of the publisher is cheaper to sell to the market to reach more users. This is a good periodic advantage for users that you should not ignore, just pick up one for yourself.

You can also check out some of the water coolers that are currently quite hot on the market. Its function is like a phone cooling fan when it cools the CPU and processor to help prolong the life of the device. The only difference in the principle of operation and the cooling agent is from water.


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