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The cause of the car’s black smoke and how to fix it

Black smoke from cars is a sign that the fuel in the combustion chamber is not fully burned. If this phenomenon occurs for a long time, it is necessary to take the vehicle to check and repair in time.

The phenomenon of black smoke in cars is a sign that the fuel in the combustion chamber is not completely burned. This is also a common phenomenon. However, if the phenomenon of black smoke in the car goes on for a long time, it means that the car is having many other serious problems, which should be checked and handled immediately.

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The engine air filter is clogged causing black smoke in the car

The cause of the car’s black smoke may be because the car’s engine air filter is dirty, the engine lacks oxygen to catalyze the fuel combustion process in the combustion chamber. This leads to a situation where the fuel is not completely burned, the exhaust gas produces black smoke.

To overcome this situation, car owners need to check the engine air filter. If there is a lot of dirt that causes blockage, hindering the air filtration process, it is necessary to clean the air filter as soon as possible. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, car air filters should be cleaned every 5,000 km and replaced after 20,000 km. Depending on the driving conditions, the car owner may proceed to clean the air filter earlier. In case the engine air filter is torn or moldy, it should be replaced with a new one.

Soot stuck in spark plugs can be the cause of black smoke in the car

The engine air filter does not work well, if it is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will cause the spark plugs to stick to soot and dirt. When igniting, the car’s exhaust will produce black smoke.

In this case, just check and clean the air filter, then replace the spark plug with a new one. This not only overcomes the phenomenon of black smoke in the car, but also helps the car igniter to work better.

Poor quality fuel causes black smoke

If unfortunately using dirty raw materials, mixed with impurities… the combustion process will not be highly efficient. This leads to the amount of fuel that is not fully burned in the engine combustion chamber, discharged through the exhaust pipe creating black smoke. In addition, if the vehicle regularly uses a poor quality fuel source, it also encounters some other problems such as uneven engine, jerky car when stepping on the gas, overheating or even sudden engine stall while on the go. .

Often, dirty or contaminated fuel is difficult to detect with the naked eye. Therefore, if the car has one of the above signs, it is necessary to take the car to the repair and maintenance center to check and proceed to suck out all the poor quality fuel inside. Then clean both the fuel injectors, the fuel injection pump and the cylinder combustion chamber to remove any remaining dirty fuel.

Fuel filter clogged
When the fuel filter is clogged, the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber is not guaranteed, leading to poor air-conditioning. Fuel is easy to burn early or burn late, causing incomplete combustion, resulting in black smoke from cars. In addition, the clogged fuel filter also causes fuel consumption, loud engine noise, and failure to start the vehicle.

The fuel filter also needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, so that the fuel supply to the engine will always be ensured. It is recommended to change the fuel filter with a new one when the vehicle has been driven for 40,000 km. However, depending on the car manufacturer and the operating conditions of each vehicle, the fuel filter needs to be cleaned or replaced after a certain distance and time of use.

Fuel injector clogged
Another cause of black smoke in cars is a malfunctioning fuel injection system. After a long time of use, the fuel injectors will be clogged with dirt, impurities, soot, etc., leading to clogged fuel injectors, causing insufficient fuel to be put into the engine combustion chamber. The combustion process does not take place effectively, causing deviations in flow, pressure and timing, and in the long run, deposits will be deposited in the combustion chamber. The amount of fuel that is not completely burned and the residue in the combustion chamber will cause black smoke. This seriously affects the performance of the engine and the life of machine parts.

If the problem is with the fuel injectors, the injectors need to be checked and cleaned. According to recommendations from experts and car manufacturers, injectors should be cleaned every 15,000 – 20,000 km of operation. Depending on the operating conditions, the car owner can clean it sooner or replace the injector with a new one, helping the car operate smoothly and save fuel.

High pressure pump clogged, broken
When the fuel pump / high pressure pump is clogged, the pressure will be weakened, not ensuring the necessary amount of fuel for the engine combustion chamber, the fuel is not mixed well with the air and not burned completely, creating large amount of black emissions.

After a long time of use, the fuel pump may malfunction due to dirt, wear, or frequent overload. However, in fact, the car fuel pump system is quite durable, so if it is checked for serious problems, it needs to be replaced. In addition, when cleaning the high-pressure pump, it is necessary to clean or completely replace the fuel filter and injectors.

Worn engine pistons can cause black smoke in cars

The piston ring is designed to prevent the infiltration of engine oil into the combustion chamber. During operation, due to chemical corrosion of combustible gas and lubricating oil and friction between pistons and cylinders during operation, pistons will wear out, causing engine oil to start flowing into the combustion chamber. The combustion of the mixture of engine oil and fuel is what causes cars to emit black smoke.
Damage to the piston can seriously affect the engine, possibly causing the engine to stop working. Therefore, to handle engine piston errors, it is necessary to take the car to reputable car maintenance centers, not do it yourself at home.
Black smoke from cars is not a rare phenomenon, but this should not be allowed to last for a long time, it will affect the capacity of the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to check the vehicle regularly and have a periodic maintenance plan, detect problems early to promptly handle.


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