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What does Son Merzy Season 3 have that make many girls fall in love

Border Guard – Besides hot lipstick lines such as 3CE, Black rouge, Bbia… Son Merzy is no exception as the name is on the list of popular lipstick lines among young people today. New collections that change from design to quality are always launched by the company and storm the market with versions of merzy lipsticks sold at cosmetic stores today.
As a line of lipsticks aimed at a trendy youthful style, Merzy lipstick quickly won a lot of sympathy from Korean girls, then quickly spread to the Asian market and became a brand that is receiving great attention. from today’s women.

Son Merzy is from which country?

Son Kem Lì Merzy The First Velvet Tint Season 3 (Ver Blue) Kissme Cosmetics

Son Merzy originates from the land of Korean kimchi. This is a line of lipsticks with affordable prices but the quality is not inferior to other cosmetic brands. The product design of the brand is extremely diverse and impressive, so it has received a lot of support from women within a short time after its launch.

The style towards which the brand is young, dynamic and trendy. Because of this, the cosmetic brand Merzy has become a craze not only among young Koreans but also throughout Asia. Especially in Vietnam, the brand has been sold in cosmetic shops by many girls and quickly became a cult trend in the beauty industry.

Is Son Merzy good?
This lipstick line is famous for its extremely smooth, powder-free lipstick with good coverage for imperfections on the lips. The ability to stick to color is good, does not reveal lip prints, when used, there is a feeling of color matching quickly and still retains moisture for the lips.

Besides, Son Merzy is also famous for its extremely high color fastness. Just apply one or two thin layers of lipstick and you can comfortably eat and drink without worrying about lipstick drifting or smearing color into the cup or cup. It may fade a little in the center of the lips but still retain the original color.

Not only good quality lipstick, this brand also pays great attention to design. Merzy’s lipsticks have compact, lightweight, easy-to-handle packaging and cases with black as the main color and a luxurious white or red brand name running along the lipstick body.

Merzy lipstick quality

Ingredients of Merzy lipstick

Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer: creates a film, has the ability to soften lips, keep lips moist, not dry.

Purified water: has the effect of always providing moisture to the lips to keep them soft and smooth.

Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate: has the effect of increasing elasticity, anti-aging and helping to keep lips soft and supple.

Cyclopentasiloxane: creates gloss on the lips, making the lips soft and smooth.

Merzy Blue Velvet Tint Season 3 Classy Marvelous You Lipstick Palette (Holiday Limited Edition)

At the end of 2020, Merzy brand has launched a special limited edition for Merzy velvet tint season 3 lipstick with an impressive, beautiful and luxurious blue shell. Packaging is very impressive, I recommend it to you. If you have in your bag a blue special edition Merzy velvet tint lipstick and a red regular version, everyone must look up and find out what lipstick you are wearing.

Regarding the color palette, the special version is only different from the color of the lipstick body, the outer packaging. Explore the color palette of Season 3 Color of Youth with Cocolux!

Merzy Velvet Tint V13 Ambition: The nude orange color is slightly yellow but not pale but enhances the beauty of Asian skin.

Merzy Velvet Tint V14 Passion: A different lipstick color, when you first apply lipstick on your lips, it has an orange tone, but after it dries, your lips are MLBB pink. Easy-to-use, eye-soothing lipstick.

Merzy Velvet Tint V15 Challenge: Earthy orange and red with a balanced ratio, it gives a strange and soothing color to the eyes.

Merzy Velvet Tint V16 Independence color: Classic deep red but with a hidden brown added, this color looks super nice and easy to use, doesn’t picky skin and has a combo to tone skin and whiten teeth.

Merzy Velvet Tint V17 Confidence: Deep red color consisting of a mixture of red-orange-brown with a little bit of super pretty yellow. If this color is bold, you should wear makeup. Also, super pretty lip brush, can be used on bare face. This color is not picky and does not tarnish tooth enamel.

Merzy Velvet Tint V18 Diversity: Deep brown color with fancy red, personality. This color is neutral and cool, suitable for anyone with a strong personality.

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